Ukraine Citizens Tie Alleged Looter to Pole With Pants Down as Punishment

A man was tied to a pole and had his pants pulled down after allegedly attempting to loot stores in Kyiv on Monday.

The photos showed the man taped around the pole at an AMIC petrol station. Police cars can be seen parked in the background.

Another picture from the scene showed a man speaking to the alleged looter.

This punishment was intended to humiliate the alleged looter as Ukrainians deal with lawlessness following the Russian invasion, according to a Mail Online report.

Other individuals who have attempted to take advantage of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine have faced similar punishments.

There have been reports of looting in areas across the country since the invasion began, with criminals targeting supermarkets, petrol stations and banks. Civilians have taken it upon themselves to try and stamp out the problem.

One alleged looter had his wrists cable-tied around a utility pole, his belt use to strap his knees against it and his underwear pulled down around his ankles, according to a Spectator report.

Other alleged looters have been beaten and forced to strip naked in the snow. Videos of these punishments have also started to appear on social media.

One video showed a man, who appeared to have some injuries to his face, taped to a pole. The man recording spoke to the alleged looter who also did not have any trousers on.

As well as looting by individuals, videos on social media have shown alleged Russian soldiers looting banks and grocery stores in Ukraine in the early days of the invasion.

A video posted by reporter Alec Luhn to his Twitter page appeared to show Russian soldiers who had broken into a bank.

"Russian soldiers stole a safe from a Ukrainian bank in Kherson region, according to the Ukrainian military," he wrote as the caption.

The fighting between Ukraine and Russia continues in the city with no clear end to the conflict in sight.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently declined Russia's conditions to end their military action in Ukraine. This came after Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told Reuters on Monday that the war would end "immediately" if their demands were met.

The conditions included recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent, ceasing all military action and Ukraine being barred from entering NATO.

Newsweek has contacted the National Police of Ukraine for comment.

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An alleged looter was caught and tied to a pole on March 7, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. People who have attempted to take advantage of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine have faced similar punishments. Murat Saka/Getty Images