Unvaccinated QAnon Influencer Crowdfunds For Medical Bills After Getting COVID

An unvaccinated QAnon influencer has launched a crowdfunder to cover medical bills after he suffered "serious abdominal pains" during his post COVID-19 recovery.

Major QAnon influencer Qtah has raised more than $61,651 on the Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo after he claimed to have come down with a mystery illness during his recovery from COVID-19.

In a January 18 Telegram post, Qtah said in a personal update: "I have gone through labs, and now CT scans and the doctors have said they cannot find any significant bad news (cancer, etc).

"However they cannot find what's wrong with me either, which is a big concern to my family and I (sic). At this point, I'm praying that this specialist I've been referred to can get me some answers soon.

"Been out of work nearly a month now and been through 2 weeks of pretty intense pain after going through Covid."

On the GiveSendGo page, a crowdfunder claimed Qtah had been unable to work since December 23 due to "the pain he is in."

The post added: "His employer will not give him any sick pay, or Holiday pay because he is not vaccinated against Covid19.

"Regardless of your personal opinion of the vaccine, this is not right. It is about as far away from freedom as one can get."

While infected with COVID-19, Qtah told his more than 126,970 Telegram subscribers that he used ivermectin to treat himself.

The Food and Drug Administration has not authorized Ivermectin for treatment against COVID-19, and is used in humans to treat some parasitic worms and skin conditions, such as rosacea.

On his Telegram channel, Qtah has regularly railed against vaccine mandates and claimed they are used to exert control over the population.

In a January 18 Telegram post under a headline about multiple boosters being offered in Israel, Qtah said: "Not hard to see what they're doing. No number will ever be enough. They want these shots going in your arms until you're in your grave.

He then praised Donald Trump's response to the pandemic and added: "Trump kept the economy opened and avoided worldwide lockdowns, but also gave them just enough power with this vaccine to use it against the general population.

"Personally, I understand why Trump had to move forward with the vax [vaccine]. It was that or a worldwide police state controlled by the elites.

"Some sacrifices will never be truly understood until we've gone far enough to look back and understand the bigger picture."

Qtah also previously pushed unfounded claims that Democrats did not win in a fair election and that there were cases of voter fraud in California.

Following Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom's recall victory in September, Qtah was among the many QAnon influencers to question the results.

Newsweek previously reported Qtah said: "Do I believe there is heavy voter fraud in California? Absolutely.

"Do I believe that it is still ongoing? Absolutely. My key takeaway here is 1/3 (with rigged #'s) are waking up from Commiefornia.

"This is a strong show of force heading into the 2022 midterms that the D's [Democrats] must face now. Their tactics and fear mongering are no longer working. Big surprises await them in the coming months as well."

QAnon sign at a trump rally
A Q-Anon sign is seen as President Donald Trump supporters hold a rally on January 5, 2021 in Washington, DC. Unvaccinated QAnon influencer Qtah raised money on crowdfunding website GiveSendGo to cover medical bills. Getty Images

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