'Utterly Ridiculous': Cow Caught 'Assaulting' Mailbox in Hilarious Video

The internet is in hysterics over police bodycam footage that shows a cow "assaulting" a mailbox.

The footage was posted to Facebook on Wednesday by the Stafford Township Police Department in New Jersey, who wrote: "Officer Pascale was not amooooosed when he got dispatched to this call on Hilliard Ave today." The post has received over 22,000 views and over 200 comments from viewers who thought the cow's behavior was "utterly ridiculous," but also wildly entertaining.

The video opens with the cow standing in the street, nudging and ramming its horns into the side of one resident's mailbox. When it notices Pascale staring, the creature stops and rubs its head against the mailbox, even giving it a lick or two. But then, a few seconds later, it uses its horns to launch the mailbox into the air.

"I'm just standing by," Pascale tells another officer via his radio. "She's [the cow] busy assaulting a mailbox right now."

The cow pushes the mailbox along the ground and then runs into the neighbor's yard. As the cow approaches the home's front door, Pascale goes around behind his service vehicle and yells, "Moo cow!"

Stafford Township Police Captain Jim Vaughn told Newsweek that the cow—who goes by the names "Baby Cow" and "Butch"—damaged the mailbox after escaping its nearby pen. Animal control arrived at the scene "within minutes" and used food to lure the cow back to safety.

WCAU added that although the cow ran through the resident's yard, "the only property damage done was to the mailbox."

A cattle report published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) revealed that there were 91.9 million "head of cattle" and calves on U.S. farms as of January 31, 2022. New Jersey, specifically, was last reported to have more than 31,000 cows, according to Vox.

Though the country's cow population is rather large, they pose a relatively small threat to humans. Heifer International, a global nonprofit organization, said that cows kill "more than 20 people in the United States each year," adding that most victims are farmworkers.

Thankfully, no one was hurt by Baby Cow.

The Stafford Township Police Department's Facebook commenters thought Pascale's bodycam footage was hilarious.

"That is hysterical. Thank you for a laugh and for saving the poor creature," wrote Vernay.

"Did he say 'moo cow?'" asked Mary. "OMG—funniest thing ever!"

"Utterly ridiculous," said Joey.

Maureen simply added: "That's classic."

Baby Cow isn't the first to make a splash online. Earlier this year, Alexis Denlinger shared a video that showed her cat and her three-month-old calf snuggled up beside one another in a pile of hay. The video currently has more than 344,000 views.

In December, an animal owner named Leslie shared in a now-viral video that her cow Buckley had formed a strong friendship with a goat named Ralphy. And last Spring, a cow's "indulgent" spa day went viral with more than 54 million views.

The internet is in hysterics over police bodycam footage that shows a cow “assaulting” a mailbox. Anna Usova/istock