Video Appearing to Show 'High' Police Officer in Kansas Raises Questions

A Kansas City, Kansas police officer has been filmed making a house visit while allegedly intoxicated with drugs, raising questions of the level of scrutiny applied to law enforcement officers in the region.

Charles Guy, the resident who recorded the video, told a local digital outlet that two officers were summoned to his house following a family dispute regarding his son. The cops were inside his home when he returned home with his child.

Guy claimed to the Kansas City Defender, which first published the video online, that he was "in fear for my life" as "he had a lethal weapon with him" and was "acting aggressively towards me and my wife."

In the video, the officer in question can be seen slurring his words, speaking quickly and sporadically and blinking incessantly. His eyes appear dilated and dart around, and he can be seen wobbling when he is not leaning on the stair banister.

Kansas City Kansas Police Department
Exterior view of the Kansas City Police Department building in Kansas City, Kansas. Following the publication of the video, the force stated that the issue was subject to an internal investigation, but that “a medical condition may have been a factor in the officer’s appearance.” Google

"Hey, if I held my finger up and told you to follow my finger, could you do it?" Guy asks the officer, who identifies himself as Officer Shepherd with badge number 2075, in the video. When the officer responds with something unintelligible, Guy says: "You're high as s**t, dude."

The video shows the two officers on the front steps of the property, outside the front door. One of the officers can be heard radioing in a request for a sergeant, but the clip ends before they arrive.

"That cop admitted on camera that they had already gone into my home," Guy told the Kansas City Defender. "I kept trying to get the cop's name and information because I knew it wasn't okay that they did that. But that's when I started noticing that one of the cops was high out of his mind."

Guy claimed he had further footage of when the sergeant was there as well.

"The sergeant kept defending his officer," Charles said. "I said: 'come on, he don't look high to you?' I think the only reason they were denying it is because they saw I had my camera."

He added: "I mean come on, he's clearly just sitting there high as a kite. His teeth were grinding, his eyes were going all over the place. His foot was f**king twitching—it was looking like a jackrabbit; he would close his eyes and go to sleep leaning against the wall."

In response to the footage, the Metro Organization for Racial & Economic Equity, a social justice organization based in Missouri, said: "Reality is, no matter what is happening with the officer in this video, the fact that his fellow officer is seemingly disregarding this highly unusual behavior points to the system we know and have come to believe needs Department of Justice scrutiny."

Newsweek contacted the Kansas City Police Department for comment.

In a statement released on social media, the Kansas City Police Department said that "a medical condition may have been a factor in the officer's appearance.

"As soon as we became aware of the situation late last week, we began the process of an internal investigation," it continued. "The officer is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome. That investigation includes a fit-for-duty evaluation that consists of a comprehensive medical and physical assessment and drug screening."

If the allegations prove to be true, it would not be the first time the police department has been embroiled in scandal because of one of its officers.

On September 15, detective Roger Golubski was indicted by a federal grand jury in Topeka, Kansas and charged with civil rights crimes for sexually assaulting two victims while acting under color of law.

On November 14, a federal grand jury charged Golubski and three other men—Cecil Brooks, LeMark Roberson and Richard Robinson—with conspiring, decades ago, to keep young women as sex slaves.

The indictment alleges that Golubski's conduct included aggravated sexual abuse and kidnapping, and he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.