Adorable Moment Little Girl Hugs Violinist Melts Viewers' Hearts

A little girl's adorable reaction to a violinist has left viewers' hearts melting.

Australia-based musician Melissa Voyias shared a clip of herself performing "Hey Brother" by the late Swedish electronica artist Avicii to guests at a wedding reception in Sydney last month on her TikTok account.

The musician, who specializes in both classical and electric violin performances, was playing the track when she spotted the "cutest little wedding guest" intensely watching her rendition.

As Voyias came to the end of the song, the little girl was so moved by the performance she instantly ran over and tightly embraced her, before the violinist bent down to have a chat with the tot.

According to a 2017 journal published in Frontiers in Psychology, music may enhance learning abilities and encourage cognitive development in children, particularly aiding functions like planning, working memory, inhibition, and flexibility.

Melissa Voyias
Sydney violinist Melissa Voyias. The musician delighted viewers by sharing a video of a little girl entranced by her performance violinbymel

The report suggests music can be beneficial to a child's educational needs by providing a mode of self-expression and an outlet for emotions.

Voyias began her own musical journey at the age of 5 and from a young age would prepare a piece of music to play on the violin for each family member as their Christmas gift.

The footage was originally shared on the musician's violinbymel TikTok page, where it received a huge 2.8 million views. It has since been reposted on Reddit, where it gained over 400 comments and 59,000 votes.

In the clip's captions, Voyias wrote: "I was performing one of my favorite Avicii tracks, when I spotted the cutest little wedding guest. Wait for her reaction!"

The camera then panned to the little girl, who was stood in a white dress, entranced by the performance, before running over and hugging the musician's leg.

Users were enamored with the footage, with several calling the clip "beautiful" and saying how poignant it was to see child tot so inspired by the performance.

"It's amazing how much impact a moment like that could potentially have :) she might be inspired to become a musician herself," wrote one.

"It's wild to think we most likely are witnessing a tiny human's first emotional reaction to music, a generally private thing everyone has experienced," said another user.

A third commented: "Literally every single thing about this video is beautiful. The violin, ambiance, people,!"

"What makes me think is that probably that particular moment defined the entire life of the little girl," said another.