Viral Video of Daughter Gifting Dad PS5 For Christmas Has Internet in Tears

A video of a father's reaction to receiving a PS5 for Christmas has gone viral.

The video was originally posted to TikTok on Christmas Day by the man's daughter, Lauren (@stlaurent). On Thursday, however, the video was reposted to Reddit's "Made Me Smile" forum by u/Hcdp7.

So far, the video has been viewed more than 5 million times on TikTok and has received over 27,000 upvotes on Reddit. And thousands of commenters across both platforms, including those who've lost their fathers, said the video brought them to tears.

"Surprised my dad with a PS5 and his reaction ended up being the greatest gift," read the video's text overlay.

At the beginning of the video, Lauren's father opens a PS5 game.

"Lauren, it's [for] PS5—I have a PS4," he said.

From behind the camera, Lauren starts to laugh, and her dad simply stares at her in shock.

"No," he said in disbelief. "She did not."

Her dad is then handed a huge gift, which is believed to be his new gaming console. He tells his daughter that she's "full of s**t," then begins to cry.

"This was actually priceless," Lauren wrote in the video's caption. "But gonna be tough as h**l to top for next year."

Despite being released in November 2020, the PS5 has been incredibly difficult for gamers to get their hands on. Newsweek has been publishing regular updates on the console's availability; however, it often sells out quickly.

According to CBS News, the "pandemic-induced global chip shortage" and the increased demand for the PS5 and other electronics are to blame for the console's limited availability.

"The Sony PlayStation 5 is in such high demand, in fact, that retailers are using the console to sell memberships to their new premium shopping subscription services," CBS reported.

"At last look, a PS5 restock at Best Buy was limited to those with Best Buy Totaltech Memberships—a service that costs $200 per year," the station continued.

That being said, there are a few tips gamers can use to help prepare for the console's next restock.

For example, individuals should know how much to spend on a PS5. Newsweek previously reported that the recommended manufacturer's cost is $499. Of course, PS5s are often sold in higher-priced bundles.

If someone finds a standalone console on sale for more than the recommended cost, it's likely it's being traded in by a scalper.

Newsweek has also recommended that gamers learn popular restock times and follow reliable console trackers.

Considering how difficult PS5s are to find, commenters weren't all that shocked to see Lauren's dad cry at the prospect of owning one. Still, Lauren's viewers were moved by her father's reaction to receiving the PS5, especially those who have lost a parent.

"I'm bawling. I lost my dad in [October]. What I would give to have one more Christmas like this! This is wonderful," wrote TikTok user Chantelle by Belle.

Redditor u/Chunkylover537 added: "[This video] made me tear up. I lost my father yesterday and would give anything to have more moments like this with him. Remember folks, life is precious and short."

Dad opening Christmas present
A video of a father’s reaction to receiving a PS5 for Christmas has gone viral. It elicited emotional replies from people, including those who have lost their fathers. bernardbodo/istock