'Virgin River' Season 3: Has Netflix Secretly Renewed the Show?

Virgin River is the latest hit show from Netflix, with the drama currently the second most-watched show on the streaming service. Despite this success, however, Netflix has not confirmed Season 3 of the show yet. However, that does not mean that Virgin River Season 3 is not going ahead.

In fact, rumors are circulating that the show may have been secretly filming since as early as August. These rumours have not been confirmed, but there is a major piece of evidence that the series has been quietly shooting for the last few months.

The biggest piece of evidence for this came from the lead actors of Virgin River, Alexandra Breckinridge and Martin Henderson.

The Jack and Melinda stars released a video in November previewing Season 2 of Virgin River, in front of what looked like a trailer. The fact that they were together on set led to only three possible conclusions—either the pair are starring in something else together (nothing has been announced), the video was filmed back when they were filming Season 2, or they were speaking from the set of Season 3.

You can see Martin and Alex in the video below on set. But wait, what are they on set for? 🧐#virginriverseason3 pic.twitter.com/VxezyCEPM6

— What's on Netflix (@whatonnetflix) November 22, 2020

What they say in the video may give viewers another clue. Henderson says: "It's going to be season...what season is it?," to which Breckinridge replies, "two." Could this confusion about the seasons be because they are publicising Season 2 while filming Season 3?

If that is the case, that would explain why the makers of Virgin River have been speaking as if Season 3 was a foregone conclusion. In fact, showrunner Sue Tenney said the mystery of who shot Jack could play out over "several seasons," for example.

Netflix has not confirmed this, but there is a credible source that filming began in the summer. Trade publication Production Weekly reported that the show was to start shooting in August.

virgin river season 3
'Virgin River' Season 3 may already be filming. Netflix

Though Netflix does usually publicly announce that shows have been renewed before filming commences on new episodes, Virgin River would not be the first show to begin shooting before a renewal was announced.

Most notably, the Spanish series Elite filmed its second and third seasons back to back, but only announced Season 3 after filming had already concluded on it. Production Weekly also reported that The Umbrella Academy Season 3 starring Elliot Page went into pre-production in October, before the official green light was announced in November.

This early return to filming for Virgin River could mean that Netflix is capitalising on the show's global success by trying to get new episodes out quicker than the usual 12-month gap between seasons allows. If filming began in summer 2020, a summer 2021 release date for Virgin River Season 3 is very possible.

However, Netflix may choose to shelve the show and give it a release date in a year's time.

Another reason why the show may have gone into production early is because as a rural-set show, it is easier to film with COVID-19-releated restrictions than more urban shows, so filming it early gives the streamer a show ready if the coronavirus pandemic causes another production shutdown.

Virgin River Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.