Waitress Embarrasses Male Customer, Leaving His Friends in Stitches

Some servers go above and beyond to earn their tips, and a waitress at a Texas Roadhouse is one such employee.

In footage posted to TikTok on July 9 by ride_or_dies2324, the woman can be seen fulfilling a request to embarrass a diner.

The video begins with a group of men sat at a booth in the restaurant.

An automated voice on top of the video then says: "So we told our waitress to embarrass our friend however she could and this is what happened."

Next, a waitress comes over with a group of other staff members and puts a dessert down in front of one of the group, whose name is Xander.

She then says: "I heard its a special evening."

Turning around to face the rest of the restaurant she yells: "Attention Texas Roadhouse, I've got a special guest here. He just found out he's going to be a father tonight. Let's hear it for him."

Everyone begins clapping and the woman shouts: "On the count of three you all have to yell out a big Texas yeehaw congratulations."

Following this, the whole restaurant joins her shouting "yeehaw," after she has counted down from three.

By this point Xander looks utterly mortified and has his head in his hands as his friends erupt in fits of giggles.

The funny footage, which can be viewed here, is captioned: "Love ya Xander," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

The cringe-worthy moment has since been viewed more than 8.4 million times and surpassed 2 million likes.

Many people flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on the waitress' actions.

One TikTok user, Rose, wrote underneath the clip: "She understood the assignment."

Another person, Jaime, added: "I would crumple so far inside myself if this was me."

Tony typed: "I need those kind of friends in my life."

Baby Momma stated: "The way he puts his head in his hands after she says he just found out he's a daddy," alongside several laughing-face emojis.

Not.Danny commented: "You better have tipped a lot for how funny that was."

D3MON revealed: "I went there for my dad's birthday and they said celebrating his release from prison."

Poet exclaimed: "I am never going out with my friends or family to eat ever again."

Some people also wondered why the restaurant was so empty.

To this, ride_or_dies2324 responded: "Just a disclaimer there was actually a good amount of people there just we got out in the corner on the other side of a wall."

Additionally, in other news of servers who deserve hefty tips, a man was left thousands of dollars by a woman who had heard about him only being tipped church leaflets because he was gay.

Newsweek have contacted ride_or_dies2324 for comment.

Waitress taking an order
A stock image of a waitress taking an order. In the viral TikTok video a server went above and beyond to embarrass a customer. Getty Images