RNC Guest Mocks BLM Protesters Outside White House: 'Own Your Own Failures'

Video has emerged showing an attendee at the final night of the Republican National Convention in Washington confronting Black Lives Matter protesters.

The clip shows the man, who has not been identified, telling a crowd outside security gates at the White House that they should "own your own failures."

The man then refers to one Black woman who is arguing with him as "darling" before adding "you are responsible for your own life, you are responsible for your own success and failures."

One male protester then accuses the RNC attendee of being a "pedophile" and attempts to knock a phone out of his hand.

The guest does not react to the baseless accusation but tells the crowd "and you're violent. Surprise, you're violent.

"We're not the ones committing the violence, we're not the one burning down neighborhoods, we're not the ones looting and smashing, we're not the ones stealing."

"Who cares, it's just crimes, it's just violence," he adds sarcastically.

The man remains filming the crowd and is confronted by others before the clip ends.


— cooper🦦 (@cooper_nse) August 28, 2020

The incident occurred as hundreds of people gathered around the White House in an attempt to disrupt Donald Trump's GOP presidential nomination acceptance speech ahead of November's election.

The protests, which included the setting off of fireworks and loud music being played on the streets, was organized by the groups Long Live GoGo and ShutDownDC.

In a statement, the group said the protest would take place as Trump pitched "four more years of his racist, reckless, and destructive agenda" from the Front Lawn of the White House.

"We aren't having it. We'll be at the White House on Thursday to drown out his racist rhetoric with another vision for the future of our country," the statement added.

"We're standing up for democracy and committing ourselves to the hard work of dismantling the interlocking systems of oppression that have held us all down since the founding of this country."

On the same night, Senator Rand Paul was escorted down the street by police while being followed by a large crowd of protesters.

Paul, along with his wife Kelley, was filmed being confronted by what he described as an "angry mob" as they made their way to a hotel.

"Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob," the senator tweeted.

Fellow Republican senator Ted Cruz condemned the actions of those who crowded round Paul while sharing a video of the incident.

"What happened to Rand & Kelley tonight (and numerous others exiting the RNC) was wrong," Cruz tweeted. "The police protecting them were heroic, but this needs to stop. This is very close to escalating to serious violence."

DC Police have been contacted for further comment.

The silouhette of Andrew Jackson's statue is seen as Fireworks paint the sky above the obelisk of the Washington Monument while demonstrators, protesting the nomination of Donald Trump, watch at Black Lives Matter plaza across from the White House on August 27, 2020 in Washington, DC JOSE LUIS MAGANA/AFP/Getty