Watch Florida Fisherman Catch Enormous Pufferfish, Throw It Back Into Sea

A Florida fisherman caught an enormous pufferfish and threw it back into the sea, a viral TikTok shows.

The video, posted to TikTok by fishing content media outlet Blacktiph, shows Josh Jorgensen holding the gigantic fish up to the camera.

Jorgensen is seen holding the fish out to the camera and laughing.

"Look at the size of that pufferfish," he says. "That's the biggest pufferfish I've ever seen. Oh my gosh, it's massive. It's giant!"

The fish was caught near Jupiter, on the southeastern coast of Florida. Pufferfish mainly live in tropical and subtropical waters, however, some have been known to live in fresh water.

A spokesperson for Blacktiph told Newsweek that Jorgensen wasn't able to measure the pufferfish, but that it was "the size of a basketball."

'Biggest One' Ever Seen

After the video was taken, the pufferfish was thrown back into the sea. The spokesperson said a pufferfish of this size isn't normal, and it's the "biggest one" they've ever seen.

Pufferfish can vary in size depending on where they live. Dwarf or pygmy pufferfish only grow to one inch long, however, giant puffers can grow to more than 2 feet. When they puff out, they can appear triple their usual size. Pufferfish look like normal fish when they aren't puffed up.

Although pufferfish in some countries is considered a delicacy, the pufferfish in Florida have been found to contain toxic substances such as Saxitoxin. This can be incredibly dangerous if eaten. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission banned the harvest of certain types of pufferfish because of the health risks.

Certain types of pufferfish can produce a poison from their spikes called tetrodotoxin. This means they can sometimes be dangerous to touch—Jorgensen is wearing gloves in the video.

They usually puff up as a defense mechanism, using their spikes around the body to ward off predators.

The video has so far received 1.6 million views and 141k likes on the social media platform.

TikTok commenters were delighted with the video, with many saying the pufferfish even looked "cute."

One TikTok user wrote: "OMG!!!! Literally, the cutest face, evvvver!!"

Another said: "I love him lol."

Jorgensen regularly shares other videos of unique catches and marine life spotted swimming around Florida.

That’s a Huge Pufferfish
This is the biggest pufferfish I’ve ever seen! Carl Torresson shares an amusing video of a huge Puffafish. Carl Torresson/TikTok