Watch: ISIS 'Blooper Reel' Shows Fighters Falling Over and Failing at Martial Arts

Most propaganda videos from the militant group Islamic State (ISIS) are gruesome productions, depicting the savagery at play in vicious conflicts and failed states the world over. But a new film seized by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan shows a less ferocious side of the jihadists, with militants struggling to leapfrog their comrades and displaying hand-to-hand combat skills worthy of a high school dustup, but not so much a global jihad.

The four-minute compilation—seemingly put together to discredit the group—was released last week, Stars and Stripes reported, and shows a series of bizarre training exercises inside a cramped mosque in the northwest of the country.

ISIS members are seen doing pushups and bunny hopping and leapfrogging over their fellow fighters. Some are clearly not natural athletes, and their bungling performance is met with exasperation from their fellow trainees.

The fighters also exhibit their hand-to-hand combat skills, which are far from convincing. They can be seen practising martial arts, though the moves displayed would look more at home in a budget wrestling match than a warzone.

Clad in camouflage fatigues and yellow balaclavas the fighters are supposed to be intimidating, but their outfits make it difficult to perform, and one militant in particular struggles to stop the balaclava slipping off his head. Another is shown speaking threateningly to the camera, his gravitas somewhat diminished by the constant need to pull fabric out of his mouth.

The ISIS affiliate fighting in the region is known as ISIS-Khorasan Province, named after the ancient region that incorporated Afghanistan and Pakistan. The group has been vying for influence with the established Taliban, and is estimated to have had as many as 3,000 fighters in 2017.

Another strange video produced by the group came to light in 2015. Purportedly filmed at one of its training camps, the footage showed fighters kicking each other in the groin and doing sit ups with boulders on their chests.

As ISIS ceded territory in Syria and Iraq, the group's fighters looked for new areas in which to continue their activities. In response, the U.S. has expanded its operations against ISIS elements in Afghanistan. From July 2016 to July 2017, American airstrikes killed three consecutive ISIS-Khorasan Province leaders.

In March, the Pentagon released footage of a special operations raid conducted with Afghan forces in which several ISIS-Khorasan Province members were killed. It was in this raid that the blooper reel footage was captured.

However, the group is still able to launch attacks. This week, at least 57 people were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber at a voter registration center in the capital Kabul. In January, fighters killed two people when they attacked a children's charity office in the city with bombs and assault rifles.