Watch: People Think Donald Trump and Martin Luther King Had a Twitter Feud—But MLK's Been Dead 50 Years

With all the fake news floating around the web these days, people have become pretty susceptible to falling for mistruths, as Jimmy Kimmel regularly highlights on his late-night talk show in an ever-funny segment "Lie Witness News." (The Hillary Clinton impeachment edition being a particularly winning segment.)

In honor of Martin Luther King Day Monday, Kimmel's roving reporter hit the streets to quiz people about the Twitter feud that erupted between President Donald Trump and civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Except, of course, King has been dead for 50 years.

"Why don't those two get along?" asked Kimmel's fake news reporter to two young women.

One, rather diplomatically answered, "Well, it seems Donald Trump isn't really into African-Americans, we'll say."

Another woman was asked if it "was wrong for Martin Luther King to call President Trump a 'fish-eyed fool jive turkey?'" The woman answered: "No, not if it's true." Asked what people had been saying about the fake remark, she answered: "That it's true." Well, OK.

One man was adamant that MLK was once a contestant on Trump's former reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice, on which the activist was beaten in a challenge by rock star Bret Michaels.

"How much of their current fight stems from that?" asked the reporter. The man answered: "There's probably a little bit...I mean, there's always a history. I do remember that episode, yeah."

Jimmy Kimmel: People weigh in on Trump vs MLK 'Twitter feud'
Jimmy Kimmel: People weigh in on Trump vs MLK 'Twitter feud' ABC/YouTube

Later, a young man was quizzed whether "it was wrong" for King to miss Trump's inauguration in January 2017, by which point he was dead for a good 48 years. "I don't think that 'wrong' was the right word, but I think Martin Luther King has the right to not go," said the gentleman.

The reporter further asked if the man could think of any valid excuses he might have for missing the inauguration, like, say, a funeral? "Maybe he had something else to go to...a family event. Yeah, maybe a funeral. Maybe he just watched it on TV." Yeah, pretty sure he didn't.

On MLK Day Monday, Trump was spotted golfing at his Mar-a-Lago resort, which marked a break from tradition as past presidents have honored King by performing community service and other civic work.