Wendy Rogers Calls New Zealand PM 'Lenin With Hair,' Claims 'Satanic Communists' in U.S.

Republican Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers on Sunday called New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern "Lenin with Hair" and warned against communism in the United States.

Rogers appeared to be criticizing Ardren's COVID response as she referred to Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin in a Tweet she posted along with a short clip of the prime minister. Rogers didn't further explain her criticism of Ardren in her Tweet.

In the clip, Ardern was speaking about COVID misinformation and New Zealand's efforts to keep people informed about the pandemic.

"More bold Christians are needed in office to counter the satanic Communists in both parties," the Arizona Senator wrote in another tweet on Sunday.

Her Tweet was met with ridicule from different social media users, with one person tweeting back: "Please offer your definitions of Communism and Christianity, because I don't think you understand either."

"I see that Wendy is going all out today, trying to compete with the craziest of the crazy," another person tweeted.

Rogers has been vocal about her stance against communism before on social media. In September, she called Labor Day a "Communist Holiday" without further explanation.

Her tweet was mocked among social media users, including The Arizona House Democrats, who replied: "Says the heart and soul of Arizona's Republican Party (prove us wrong)."

"You do realize that if you keep falsely calling all good things communist you're only going to make communism more attractive, no?" asked another social media user.

GOP Lawmaker Calls New Zealand PM ‘Lenin
Republican Senator Wendy Rogers warned against communists in America and called for having more "bold Christians" in office. Above, pro-Trump demonstrators gather in front of the Arizona capitol on November 7, 2020. OLIVIER TOURON/GETTY

Writer Shiv Ramdas also denounced the tweet by paraphrasing her own words: "'working is Communism.'"

Separately, Rogers has frequently suggested that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election and called for a new election.

"I call for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona & a new election must be conducted. Arizona's electors must not be awarded fraudulently..." the senator tweeted in July.

In July, Rogers campaigned for the election to be decertified and previously launched a petition that she claimed gained 663,000 signatures.

"Things are really taking off! Let's get to 1 million ASAP. Audit results are coming soon, more states are coming online," she tweeted in September. The Trump supporter has also pushed for debunked claims of voter fraud in Arizona.

Newsweek contacted Senator Rogers' office for comment.