'We're Here's' Eureka Describes Noah's 'Powerful' Gender Journey as a Non-Binary Drag Kid

In the first episode of We're Here season 2, non-binary drag queen Eureka was paired with Noah in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

When they first met Noah used he/him pronouns and identified as a "confused male" in touch with their femininity, but Eureka recognized the internal struggle Noah was going through.

Eureka and Noah spoke at length about gender identity and the difficulties one can face in a conservative community like Spartanburg, but their time together was cut short because of COVID.

When Eureka returned a year later to continue filming alongside co-hosts Bob the Drag Queen and Shangela, they reunited with Noah and learned they had come out as non-binary and now used they/them pronouns.

Speaking with Newsweek about the new season, which is currently airing on HBO, Eureka discussed Noah's "powerful" gender journey, and what it was like to support a fellow non-binary person accept their authentic self.

"I think when I met Noah a year and a half ago I saw who they were because I saw a mirror image of myself," Eureka explained. "Their struggle and being afraid to show an image that wasn't society approved.

"That image that makes us feel more comfortable because we're making other people comfortable, and the fear of showing that to the world was really internal."

We're Here season 2
Eureka and Noah in "We're Here" Season 2. Jakes Giles Netter/HBO

A pivotal moment in the episode came prior to Noah's coming out when they went with Eureka to a thrift store to try on dresses.

While in the changing room, Noah admitted they were nervous and struggled with how they viewed their body, and Eureka helped them navigate those feelings and was supportive throughout.

"I think I was able to help in that thrift store to be honest, the moment where I pushed them to open up and allow the world to see them a little differently and then just to feel it, what it felt like [to be non-binary]," Eureka explained.

"It's more than other people seeing it, it was letting Noah see what it felt like to walk in a public setting in something like that, in a dress or something that's not socially normal, and you just immediately saw them light up in their face.

"Even just watching it you can tell it's like 'wow,' it was day and night how Noah walked into the thrift store versus how they walked out of that dressing room, and down that aisle.

"That was powerful to see, it was that feeling that did it, so I was lucky enough to help them feel that."

Reflecting on Noah coming out, Eureka added: "After we left they continued to explore it, they met their best friend [Nadya] who co-signed.

"Sometimes it takes a co-signer, so I think she has a lot to do with them feeling strong enough and confident enough to live authentically.

"Knowing you have support, not just someone who stopped filming and then left but someone who lives there with you."

We're Here airs on HBO and HBO Max every Monday at 9 p.m. ET.