'Westworld' Star Aaron Paul Brought 'Piece of Himself' to Caleb in Season 4

Aaron Paul felt he has brought a "piece of himself" to his Westworld character Caleb Nichols in Season 4 because he was able to connect to him on a more personal level, he told Newsweek.

The HBO show, which returns on Sunday, June 26, returns to its characters after a seven-year time gap, and in that time Caleb has got married and had a daughter named Frankie.

This storyline, the father-of-two said, made it much easier to relate to his character on a "human and emotional level."

'Westworld' Star Aaron Paul Brought "Piece of Himself" to Caleb in Season 4

Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols in "Westworld" Season 4, the actor spoke to Newsweek about connecting to his character on a personal level now that the Caleb is also a father. John Johnson/HBO

In Season 4 Caleb will do anything for his wife and child, so when danger comes knocking on his door he knows he must do all that he can to protect them.

Reflecting on this aspect of his character, Paul shared with Newsweek: "You know, I was just dying to know where we were heading, so when I got the script slowly landing on my desk I just was so thrilled, you know?

"It's impossible for me not to have such a personal connection with Caleb this season. I mean, I already know Caleb as a character very well, obviously, from Season 3, but you know, me, I never fought in war, so I couldn't really relate to him with that element.

"I do believe in, you know, fighting for the greater good, and, you know, fighting for what you believe in, fighting for freedom.

"But this season, I am able to connect to him on such a human and emotional level, just because we share a lot of the same things."

Paul shares two children, 4-year-old daughter Story and 2-month-old son Ryden, with his wife of nine years Lauren.

The Breaking Bad star went on: "And, yeah, it was impossible for me not to sort of bring a piece of me within this guy, you know?

"I typically like to try to just force myself to believe what was happening on the page and living within that skin, but I think there's some parts of me that definitely poke through this season, in particular, for sure."

Paul added that he also loved "the journey that [the characters are] all on" in Season 4, which, amongst other things, sees Caleb team up with Thandiwe Newton's Maeve Millay once again following the events of Season 3.

Westworld premieres on Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, and it will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

Aaron Paul and Thandiwe Newton as Caleb Nichols and Maeve Millay in "Westworld" Season 4, which returns on Sunday June 26. John Johnson/HBO