'What We Do in the Shadows' Showrunner on the Laszlo Easter Egg You Probably Missed

Matt Berry has starred in a number of fantastic comedy shows, including What We Do in the Shadows which sees him play lothario vampire Laszlo.

The vampire mockumentary has just finished airing its third season and in it the actor makes reference to one of his other shows in a surprising and unexpected Easter egg that fans may have missed.

In the finale, titled "The Portrait," Berry's Laszlo goes to a room where he can play piano as he struggles with his grief following Colin Robinson's death.

While Laszlo is there, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) goes to him to discuss his wife Nadja's (Natasia Demetriou) desire to go to England to be part of the Supreme Vampiric Council, and it is in that scene that Berry makes reference to his Channel 4 show Toast of London.

One of the songs Berry played on the piano was the theme tune to the British sitcom, which he co-created, co-wrote and stars in as the eponymous, eccentric actor Steven Toast.

And What We Do in the Shadows showrunner Paul Simms spoke to Newsweek about the Easter egg, saying that while it bordered on being "too self-referential" it was so subtle they felt some viewers wouldn't notice, which made it "perfect."

"In that moment we just wanted him noodling on the piano, and then we heard him doing the Toast theme and we thought 'oh that's really cool,'" Simms explained.

"It's almost on the edge of being a little too self-referential but I thought it was really cool, and the people who know both shows I think will really be excited by it."

He then joked: "And, also, that was a piece of music we didn't have to pay a lot of money for because Matt gave us a good deal. Win-win all around!"

Of how some fans might miss the reference completely, he went on: "It actually is sort of the perfect Easter egg, because the people who don't know Toast of London will go 'oh that's just a pretty piece of music,' [and] the people who do know it will go 'oh wow that's really cool,' and yea I loved that moment."

Ironically, Berry has just finished work on Season 4 of Toast of London, titled Toast of Tinseltown, and is now hard at work on set for the fourth season of What We Do in the Shadows.

What We Do in the Shadows Seasons 1-3 is available to stream on FX on Hulu now.

What We Do In The Shadows
Matt Berry as Laszlo in "What We Do in the Shadows" Season 3. FX Networks