Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer Leave the Army — Was He Kicked Out?

DAHMER: Monster — The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix brings to the small screen the true story of one of America's most-infamous serial killers.

Former business student and Army veteran Jeffrey Dahmer killed and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991 at his apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his family home and his grandmother's home. His later murders also contained necrophilia and cannibalism as well as preservation of body parts.

Jeffrey Dahmer
A photo of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer in the courtroom after he murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. The serial killer served in the U.S. Army for two years between 1979 and 1981. Curt Borgwardt/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

He committed his first murder in June 1978, three weeks after his graduation, when he killed hitchhiker Steven Mark Hicks, 18, at his family home under the guise of drinking together.

Just six weeks after Hicks's murder, Dahmer enrolled at the Ohio State University (OSU), majoring in business. He dropped out after the first term and enlisted in the United States Army in January 1979 but left just over two years later.

So, why did Dahmer leave the army? Was he kicked out? Newsweek has everything you need to know.

Why Did Dahmer Leave the Army? Was He Kicked Out?

Jeffrey Dahmer was honorably discharged from the army in 1981, meaning he was formally released after serving a period of honest and faithful service.

On March 24, Dahmer was sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and given a plane ticket to travel anywhere in the U.S.

His discharge was because of his alcohol abuse, which had a negative effect on his military performance, reports The New York Times.

Dahmer also reportedly said to police he was discharged under Chapter 9 of the Code of Military Justice, a section that covers drug or alcohol use by army personnel.

Evan Peters Jeffrey Dahmer
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix. The serial killer was discharged from the U.S. Army for his alcohol abuse. Netflix

During his short spell in the Army, Dahmer trained as a medical specialist at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

In July 1979, he was deployed to Baumholder, West Germany, where he served as a combat medic in the 2nd Battalion, 68th Armored Regiment, 8th Infantry Division until his release from service.

After his discharge, Dahmer traveled to Miami Beach, Florida, and found a job at a delicatessen, but he was soon evicted from the motel he was staying in after failing to pay rent. Dahmer returned to Ohio in September 1981, six months after his discharge from the army.

He moved in with his father, Lionel, and stepmother Shari, but just two weeks after his return, he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. He was fined $60 and given a suspended 10-day jail sentence.

After two months at home, Dahmer was sent to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin, in the hope he would get his life back on track.

For a short while, things looked good for Dahmer, as he worked as a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center before being laid off after 10 months.

Dahmer then was arrested on numerous occasions for indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior, and disorderly conduct, and he would murder Steven Tuomi, 25, at the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee on November 20, 1987.

Dahmer would go on to carry out 15 other murders until his arrest on July 22, 1991.

Since Dahmer's crimes came to light in the early 1990s, two soldiers have since claimed to have been raped by Dahmer while he was serving in the army.

As reported by U.K. newspaper The Independent, Billy Joe Capshaw said that Dahmer had raped him over a 17-month period while stationed at Baumholder. He even told army officials who gave him a rape-test kit, but the results were reportedly discarded.

A second man, Preston Davis, said that Dahmer had drugged and raped him inside an armored personnel carrier in 1979.

Dahmer was killed on November 28, 1994, aged 34 by fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver so these allegations were never put to the serial killer.

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