Handwritten Letter From Husband's Ex Claiming He Cheated Divides Opinion

A wife has split opinions online after confessing that her husband received a handwritten letter from a childhood ex, alleging an affair in their adult life.

The mom took to popular online forum Mumsnet, where users often head to gain advice and people's thoughts on their own questions and dilemmas. She alleged that her husband had received a letter in the post the night before in handwriting he didn't recognize.

Upon beginning to read it out loud, he began to stop and threw it in the bin, telling his wife: "What the f**k is wrong with people. Thankyou for being normal." The letter was written by his former girlfriend from the age of 13 and 14.

The letter, he claimed, simply pinned blame on their young sexual relationship as the cause of many of the woman's issues in life, citing that she felt pressured at the time.

This girlfriend, the wife wrote in the popular post, had apparently contacted the husband a few years later on Facebook and "then she turned weird and started talking about leaving her family and us getting back together," causing the husband to block her online.

"I asked what's the purpose of the letter and does she want a reply? He said the purpose was purely therapeutic for her and she did not ask for a reply. Well I couldn't cope with not reading the letter for myself so the next morning I got it from the bin and read it," confessed the wife.

Reading the Letter

According to the wife, the letter also contained a paragraph in which the ex-girlfriend claimed he "made her problems worse by coming back into my life in 2013," and "taking what you want (sex) again and then destroying me."

"I don't know what to think. I've told him I read the letter, he says that was a mistake and now she's won. He told me he has never cheated, never would, never will. He's quite upset by it and says it's not fair, he hasn't done anything wrong and hates that I think he might have cheated, and is offended that I would think he'd cheat," wrote the anonymous wife.

Former partners causing issues is far from rare. In fact, according to one 2017 survey, almost two-thirds of married people said that their ex is on their mind too often and 36 percent said their attachment to an ex interferes in their marriage.

However, thinking about an ex and writing handwritten letters are two worlds apart, especially in the eyes of Mumsnet users, who were left undecided over the matter.

Some were left believing the ex-girlfriend, citing the letter being addressed to the husband rather than the wife as potential credibility.

"If the woman wanted to cause trouble then she'd have written to the op, and as it's to her husband then there is no reason not to believe it when she says to him that he made her think they'd be together, but he just wanted sex," wrote one user.

"Honestly, I wouldn't take anything he says into account right now. He's going to tell you it's all fantasy, she's batshit and trying to hurt him whether he's telling the truth or not, because either she is those things, or he's a liar. But you're right - she could easily write to you if she wanted to speak to you," added another.

"Did he block her on Facebook? I'd ask for access to the conversation they last had. If he deleted it, I'd message her myself and ask for her truth."

Others, however, felt an ex making up lies was a plausible option, recalling similar occasions in their own lives.

"Unfortunately there's no way to know for sure. Just to put it out there though, I have come across at least one person who would have no qualms making stuff up just to cause trouble. There are definitely people like that out there," noted one.

Another wrote: "For context I had a friend (now ex) who wrote a similar letter, guessing the new partner would read it and invented cheating and a pregnancy when there was none. Her only motive was to cause trouble as some sort of twisted revenge..

The wife updated in a comment that she is attempting to track down the full name of the ex-girlfriend to contact her to find out more.

Handwritten love letter
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