Wife Reveals Where Mold Lurks in Water Bottles After Husband Was Always Ill

The internet contains a flurry of lifehacks, from untangling knotted tin foil to replacing pesticides with ladybugs when gardening.

However, some tips are much, much more unpleasant to look at than others.

Recently, a TikTok video has gone viral after one user by the name of honesthaley shared how she cleaned out her husband's reusable water bottle, revealing an unsavory amount of black mold.

Since it was published, the post has been viewed over 330,000 times, receiving 2606 likes and 53 comments. The video was accompanied by an on-screen caption "POV: when your Husbands always ill. Tip of the day: clean your bottle."

In the brief five-second video, the OP (original poster) demonstrated how she cleaned the inside of her husband's water bottle with a cloth above a container full of moldy water that appeared to have been rinsed out during the cleaning process.

Fellow TikTok users did not hesitate to express their utter disgust in the comment section.

"Omg, [it's] like a swamp in there," a concerned user wrote. "Actually gagging," wrote another person.

"I got ill just watching this," shared one commenter. "Me too," responded the OP.

A fair number of other commenters seemed concerned about the OP's "tip," instead taking it as something that was a given. "That's not a tip, just common sense," reads the most-liked comment on the post.

Another user wrote: "Who needs to be reminded about normal cleaning."

Some users also took the opportunity to share their own process for cleaning out the insides of their water bottles: "I clean it every week with a bottle brush," one commenter said.

"Soapy hot water, [a] handful of dry rice, lid on and shake, shake, shake," recommended another.

In perhaps one of the most terrifying comments shared on the post, one user told a story of the repercussions of not cleaning out a drinking bottle: "A friend of mine's foot went black and they ended up in hospital with blood poisoning, hospital tested their bottle, and yep, it was the culprit," they wrote.

Sink full of reusable water bottles
An image showing a sink full of reusable water bottles. A TikTok video has recently gone viral after a woman shared how she found hidden mold in her husband's water bottle. Getty Images/ubonwanu

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), some molds found in food can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, while others, given the right conditions, can even produce "mycotoxins," poisonous substances that can make people sick.

The best known mycotoxin in the world, aflatoxin, is a cancer-causing poison produced by fungi on various foods such as field corn and peanuts.

As per the USDA, aflatoxins are known to be associated with a flurry of diseases that affect livestock, domestic animals, and humans.

Recent statistics shared by the CDC also highlight that one in six Americans (48 million people) suffer from food poisoning or foodborne illness every year.

Recently, Newsweek reported that 28 wedding guests and the bride got food poisoning at a wedding, causing the latter to be sick throughout much of her honeymoon.

And last year, Newsweek also covered a story about a mass food poisoning that took place among a church congregation, killing one person and leaving dozens of others ill.

Newsweek reached out to honesthaley for comment.