Wife Tricks Husband With Hilarious Amazon Delivery Prank in Viral Clip

A woman's April Fools' Day prank disguised as a large Amazon order is bringing the laughs in a now-viral TikTok video.

The video clip, captioned, "Operation 'let's see how mad Nate gets' is a go #aprilfools #amazon #boybye," has been viewed 4.1 million times and liked 347,300 times since being posted on April 1.

The one-minute and three-second clip, shared by TikToker @coachbee6, or Brandi Hughes, was accompanied by the song Pennies From Heaven by Louis Prima.

The video began with the TikToker walking on her porch outside her home, and immediately a large number of packages, which were empty, came into view trailing along the side of a set of stairs leading up to the porch.

All of the packages were taped up and appeared to be in a number of Amazon boxes with other packaging included as well.

"This took me way too long," the screen said in text overlay.

The TikToker walked down the stairs, and once at the bottom, she panned the camera up the stairs to show all the packages stacked to the right side. One or more packages filled the side of each step with at least 16 boxes in total.

Next, it was time for the big reveal, and the TikToker hid behind the side of the house as her husband drove up.

"The eagle has landed," the screen read.

The TikToker's husband got out of his SUV and came around the back, but he stopped when he saw all the packages leading toward the front door, tilting his head slightly.

The unsuspecting husband continued standing there taking it all in. "What the f**k?" he said before getting back in his car.

His wife laughed, still hidden behind the side of the house as she watched him quickly back out of the driveway presumably to leave.

"What the f***?" she said.

"Oh he big mad," the TikToker wrote in text overlay.

Packages stacked at door
A woman has gone viral for pulling a prank on her husband involving an Amazon package delivery. Here, a number of packages are stacked together at a front door. CROBERTSON/GETTY

In an update, the TikToker revealed that after her husband pulled out of the driveway, she FaceTimed him to show him that the packages were empty.

"He thought it was funny," she said. "He was like, 'Oh s**t, it's April Fools' Day."

TikToker @coachbee6 also added that the boxes "accumulated over time." She figured: "He probably would have went and bought something, probably a new car because that's what he likes to do."

Over 2,900 comments came in over the marital prank, and people found it hilarious. Some had theories about where the woman's husband was off to in such a hurry. "He definitely went to go buy that thing you told him he couldn't buy!" a TikToker joked.

Many people saw the humor in the situation. "He drove straight to the lawyer's office because that was his last straw," a viewer wrote.

Some people were fixated on the husband's reaction. "Best ever," a TikToker said. "His pause is classic."

Comments of approval poured in. "This is the best April Fools' joke I've ever seen," a viewer admitted.

While a TikToker thinks the woman's husband "had to go looking for a second job to pay for all of that, Lol."

Other words of appreciation included things like, "Lol, bless his heart," "Lmao he probably went straight to Home Depot," and "Oh this is great."

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @coachbee6 for comment.

This isn't the only viral prank to happen lately. A woman shattered a glass door in the midst of a prank. In addition, a woman covered Brussels sprouts in chocolate, disguising them as cake pops. A number of dental hygiene students pranked their teacher by dressing up as her on April Fools' Day as well.

According to Statista, the number of Amazon Prime members has been increasing since 2017 with 153.1 million users expected in 2022 in the United States. The website also reports that Amazon Logistics delivered more than 4 billion packages in the country in 2020.