Woman Annoyed Over Little Girl Talking to Her Non-Stop at Airport Cheered

The internet has backed a mom who said she has had enough of random children chatting to strangers for ages and their parents letting them get away with it.

In a post shared on Mumsnet last Monday, the mother, who goes by the username CanIReadPls, shared her own experience of having to chat with a stranger's child at the airport instead of just being able to read her book.

She explained that while she was returning from abroad, her flight got delayed and she ended up staying at the gate for a while. A girl of about five years of age, sitting with her parents in the row opposite to hers, approached her with a question and wouldn't stop talking.

"She came up to me and asked about a bracelet I had on - fine. Very sweet.But then she was talking to me for agessssss. Question after question, telling me about her holiday, her birthday, her new toy and on and on.

"Her parents knew as well as they kept looking over to make sure she'd not disappeared. I was very obviously reading a book. It ended up being a good half an hour, probably longer, before we were finally called to board and she went off to her parents."

child at the airport
A file photo of a child at the airport. The internet has backed a woman who's fed up with children casually chatting up strangers and called for parents to put a stop to it. Getty Images

"I do have kids, I know they are chatterboxes sometimes and my own DC have asked people questions in the park or something before. But I'd always call them back over after a minute or two or say 'come on let the lady ready her book/walk her dog / get on with her day' or whatever."

While some parents aren't worried about letting their children approach random people, most parents in this country are worried about contact with strangers.

According to a report by the SafeHome organization, 71 percent of parents with children between four and six years of age are concerned about avoiding strangers.

Most of the 169 users who commented on the thread, backed the woman, saying parents should be more reasonable. One user, Creepymanonagoatfarm said: "You need to practice smiling whilst saying please go back to your dps small dc... I wouldn't have been happy either. They had free childcare for their wait!"

Another user, KangarooKenny said: "[YouAreNotBeingUnreasonable]. You should have charged them for the child care." And Fairyliz joked: "But surely you were delighted to talk to their perfect child?"

Stroopwaffle5000 said: "It drives me up the wall when I finally get some peace and quiet from my own kids and then someone else's child starts yabbering away at me. Parents should definitely be more proactive in calling their kids away, because they just don't take the hint. You have to actually say "Go away!" Which then makes you feel like shit!"

Passmethecrisps said: "I have small children and I would have called them back. Actually I wouldn't have allowed it in the first place. I am helicopter personified and wouldn't allow wandering. The only issue with calling them back is I would worry the person might think I was worried about them being a dodgy sort - like I didn't want my child talking to them for my child's sake rather than for their sake."

Another user, NippyWoowoo, said: "Yea they should, but we live in a world where many people do not act as we would like. So you really should have just said 'I think you need to go back to you mummy and daddy now' and continued your book."

jammiewhammie65 wrote: "I thought we were [supposed] to be teaching our kids about stranger danger ? Some parents are just so clueless it's frightening. I think I would have chatted for a while then said oh you need to go back to mummy now bye bye and just looked at my book!"

Stichintimesavesstapling suggested: "Put your hair down, then point to your ear pretending you have earphones and loudly say you are listening to music and can't hear her."