Woman Attaches Balloons to Her Chihuahuas So She Knows Where They Are at All Times

A woman has taken to TikTok to share an unusual, but undeniably adorable, "life hack" involving two pet chihuahuas.

In the clip, which was shared on the app by Layla Tucker, known online as laylatuckermusic, there is a busy kitchen scene, with many people prepping food around a marble island.

The camera then focusses in on two green balloons that are moving about, before revealing that they are each tied to a tiny dog.

Two chihuahuas, one white and the other black, have the helium balloons fastened round them with string so people in the busy space can be notified of where the pets are, presumable so they don't get lost or stepped on—so cute!

Tucker captioned the cute footage: "Definitely a life hack. #ADayInMyLife #4thOfJuly."

Sine it was shared on July 5, the video, which can be watched here, has been viewed a whopping 11.9 million times.

The clip has also garnered 3.1 million likes and many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One TikTok user, 97Camp, wrote: "Your mesh food covers, dogs on balloons, large house, and this music makes me think this is a very well put together Sims family."

Another person, Charlie, joked: "All good until your dogs start to fly."

Sadie gushed: "Haha, that's brilliant. I always worry I will accidentally step on my little dog that's always hanging around our feet."

Sam typed: Why did it bring me so much joy watching the balloons just floating along behind the counter so cute."

Mireya Marie suggested: "Now all you gotta do is write their names on the balloons that way you know who is who."

An account by the name of user7281059912192 explained: "I always wondered how tiny dogs don't get stepped on!"

Kalli revealed: "Okay I have a story, my retail manager did this to me on Christmas Eve once because no one could see where I was in the department since I am so short."

In other small dog-related news a man recently broke down in tears when his girlfriend surprised him with a puppy.

In the TikTok video shared on July 11 the man arrives home to find an adorable baby Dachshund with a red heart-shaped helium balloon tied around it.

His emotional and heart-warming response to the furry gift has gone viral, having been viewed 4.6 million times and surpassed 844,200 likes.

Newsweek contacted Tucker for comment.

A file photo of some chihuahuas. In a TikTok video two similar dogs had balloons tied round them to notify people where they are. Getty Images