Woman Backed for Leaving Boyfriend at Grand Canyon After 'Cruel' Joke

A woman has found support online after her boyfriend pretended to push her at the Grand Canyon despite her being scared of heights.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, "AITA for leaving my boyfriend in Arizona after he pretended to push me over the edge of the Grand Canyon," has garnered 11,400 upvotes and 1,500 comments since it was shared on May 25. Redditor @grandcanyonpush, a 25-year-old female, shared the post, revealing she went to the Grand Canyon with her boyfriend, 26.

Numerous people are afraid of heights, and it's a common fear. A YouGov survey in Britain found that 58 percent of respondents are afraid of heights to some degree, with 35 percent "a little afraid," and 23 percent "very afraid."

The OP revealed she is "150 percent afraid of heights," and she admitted she doesn't even go near windows or railings. "Phobia in the full sense of the word," she wrote. Because of that fact, she didn't want to go to the Grand Canyon, but she said, "it's a famous destination, so I figured it was worth facing my fears."

She said she had numerous conversations with her boyfriend about her fears on at least five occasions. During those "in-depth" talks about how terrified she was about having a panic attack near strangers, her boyfriend "assured" her he'd help her keep her distance from ledges and calm her down if she become scared. The OP revealed she has a history of having panic attacks as well.

So the couple went to the Grand Canyon, and they planned to take a tour and then go out alone by themselves.

"Well on day one on our tour, we stopped at a scenic lookout to take pictures and he decided it'd be funny to grab me and pretend to try and push me over the edge of the cliff," the OP said, and added in a comment, "he pushed me to where I could see over the edge."

"I immediately freaked out and (unsurprisingly) had a panic attack, all in front of our group while the poor guide tried to calm me down," she relayed.

She wasn't "proud" of how she acted, and she admitted it "wasn't pretty." She was crying and yelling that her boyfriend was "cruel" for doing that. She also said he knew she was scared and how he was "evil" for using it against her.

The OP continued: "He was yelling back that it was a joke, I was taking it too seriously, and to get over it because I was embarrassing myself/him (which to be fair, I was...It was quite embarrassing). I think I was the AH [a**hole] in this next part: I told him he was a horrible person, and his ex was right to leave him." He retorted back that it was messed up for her to say that, and she agreed in "hindsight" she thought he was correct, especially with it being public.

Woman hiking the Grand Canyon
A woman is being backed for leaving her boyfriend at the Grand Canyon after a "cruel" joke. Here, a woman hiking in the Grand Canyon. MARIDAV/GETTY

Her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend apparently broke up with him because she felt he was "immature," and she left him right before a "high profile" family event, embarrassing him with his family.

But things didn't end there. The tour guide for the group separated the couple and took the OP to their office. She had no clue what her boyfriend did after that, and he wasn't in their hotel room when she came back and got her stuff. She took a flight to her parents' state, and she's been staying there while she figures out if the relationship is "still alive."

The couple lives together and works together for the same company, so if things are over, the OP's life is going to become quite "messy," she said.

The OP continued: "The thing is we have a ton of mutual friends, and I have half of them texting/calling me to say I'm overreacting and being a 'psycho b**ch.' Besides my three closest friends, I haven't told anyone anything, but because they all know him too everyone has heard some version of events, and they're making it seem like I'm leading a PR campaign against him."

The woman revealed she doesn't even have social media, adding people are angry because she left him there in Arizona. However, the OP didn't think what she did is "worth" the "hate" she's getting.

The OP concluded: "I left him the rental car and hotel room and took an Uber to the airport. I paid for everything myself (including our hotel room), and I left a note in the room telling him I was going to my parents. I feel like people don't understand, but there are so many people saying the same thing that I'm starting to question myself."

In a comment to another Redditor, the OP admitted she was starting to feel the relationship "is coming to an end." In another comment thread as well, the OP added that her boyfriend had sent her a text message saying she "embarrassed" him and that he will talk with her when she calms down.

"Also called me a few choice words for leaving him in Arizona and ruining our vacation," the OP said. "I didn't respond to most of it and just told him I'd be back next week, and we need to have a serious talk about what happened."

Numerous comments came pouring in over the viral post, and people were fully supporting the woman's choice to leave her boyfriend in Arizona after the stunt he pulled.

A Redditor revealed they've been to the Grand Canyon, and there are no guard rails or "gentle slopes," adding people have been killed falling off the edge. They wondered, "What if his grab had failed?"

"It appears his ex was correct," they added. "And you were correct to leave him and the situation. His prank was bad enough, but to do it when he knows of your phobia was fuel to the fire. People who say you're the [a**hole], tell them that. Ask them [if] they'd think it was funny if his prank went wrong."

One user thought a joke is a joke if every person is also laughing, and going off the conversations the OP had with her boyfriend, "I don't see in what world he would have thought you would be. He intended to be laughing at you and then all be forgiven with the magic words 'it was just a joke.'"

Another user admitted they would have ended the relationship right away after the public situation at the Grand Canyon. "Even for me as someone who isn't afraid of heights, that isn't a funny joke," they said. "And he knew about your issues and triggered a panic attack anyway."

While a user admitted they too are afraid of heights, insisting that "he's not worth whatever effort it takes to fix this. He made you have a panic attack on purpose. He wasn't sorry. He showed who he is, listen."

One Redditor had kind words for the OP, telling her that she "did good," adding, that she "took care" of herself and left.

"You got yourself to a safe space," they wrote. "You were there for you. You should be deeply proud of yourself for that. Keep extending that kindness to yourself and any friends who are there for you. Do not extend any of that kindness to him. He'll continue to take advantage of it and you."

Some people were calling for the OP to break off the relationship for good. "NTA [not the a**hole] but he is," a user said. "Do yourself a favor and just end it. Stay where you are and build a new life away from him and all the other AHS [a**holes]."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @grandcanyonpush for comment.

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