Woman Backed for Telling Family to 'Beg' Her Husband 'for Forgiveness'

A woman has found support after her father and brother treated her badly while also making it "clear" that if she and her estranged husband divorced, they would then "want nothing to do" with her.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, "AITA for telling my dad and brother they should try begging my husband for forgiveness," has been upvoted 15,700 times, garnering 600 comments since it was shared to the subreddit "Am I The A**hole."

Redditor @yellowkoalaa shared the post on June 6, and she revealed she separated from her husband for seven months, and she witnessed a "side" of her father and brother that she never imagined she would.

According to Statista, in a survey asking which family member respondents would want to improve their relationship with, 30 percent chose their child or children. In addition, 26 percent would want to improve their relationship with their sibling.

"They treated me terribly and sided with my husband completely," the OP revealed. "On multiple occasions, they both told me to beg my husband for forgiveness even though we separated because of the way he was treating me. They made it clear that if we divorced, they would want nothing to do with me."

However, her dad and brother were doing what they could to stay in her husband's "good graces," which the original poster (OP) said made it all hurt more.

The Redditor and her husband have since reconciled, and she cried and told him how badly they had treated her. Now her husband is upset with them both and has "cut ties both professionally and socially."

The OP's dad and brother have asked her to talk to her husband and fix things between all of them since it's "hurting the family business."

"I'm still upset, and I was feeling petty, so I told them they should try begging him for forgiveness," the woman revealed. "Now they're both angry at me, and my brother said I'm being vindictive."

In a comment to another Redditor, the OP revealed her family and her in-laws have "always done business" together. However, after she married, her husband helped her father "grow his business to what it currently is by connecting him to the right people and giving him the best contracts."

Another Redditor asked the OP why she went back to her partner if he treated her badly, and the OP explained her husband "never treated me like s**t exactly, the main issue was that he was neglectful and didn't want to accept he was. We decided to reconcile because he was willing to work on fixing things and admit he was wrong."

In a comment, the OP said her dad and brother haven't always been this way, and this was the first occasion they'd treated her "even close to how they've been treating me since the separation. I was super close to them before."

A Redditor asked if the OP's husband has "straightened up" or if he is "still being a tool." The OP revealed her partner is "trying and has been pretty good so far."

Upset woman
A woman is being backed online for telling her father and brother to "beg" her husband "for forgiveness." Here, an upset woman looking off while sitting on a bed. DIEGO_CERVO/GETTY

Other Redditors put in their own two cents in the comments, and many people supported the woman in the situation. One Redditor, who didn't think the OP was the one at fault, thought she had a "great response" to her family.

"Honestly, the fact that this is because of the family business and not due to remorse for being AHs [a**holes] makes it even more satisfying," they added.

Another user thought "nasty" and "entitled people" get upset when faced with the consequences of their actions. "See it as a learning experience for them," they added. "And keep up the pettiness or follow your husband's cue and cut ties, these two men do not respect you and deserve nothing from you."

While a Reddit user thought the OP's family treated her badly and "showed money means a lot more to them than you do. Don't forget how they treated you and don't feel bad for anything."

A Redditor was sorry the OP's family "would treat" her in that way. "They [are] getting their just desserts by having you and your husband ice them out," they reasoned.

Another user thought the OP should go "no contact" with her father and brother. "They aren't worthy of your forgiveness, especially since they clearly aren't sorry," they expressed. "Their only concern is the family business. I would laugh in their faces and then block them both."

People slammed the OP's father and brother, and one such Redditor put in their two cents. "Your brother and dad only care about their money and business," they said. "They're selfish. NTA [not the a**hole]."

A user was worried for the OP and admitted they were "a little concerned that you guys got back together after he mistreated you...were you guys in a rough patch? Or was this mistreatment serious? There's a lot to unpack here, but good on you for being petty. Your family is way out of line here."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @yellowkoalaa for comment.

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