Woman Calls Girls in Bikinis 'Prostitutes' for Taking Photos at the Beach in Video

A woman has been dubbed a "Karen" for telling bikini-clad girls they look like "prostitutes" as they snapped photos at the beach.

Allie Wright was on vacation with her family, thought to be in Florida, when she, her sister and cousin headed down to the ocean.

Wright shared a video to TikTok, after taking photos of her relatives took a dramatic turn.

She captured the woman coming over to talk to the trio on camera, and while Wright initially thought it was to compliment them, she called them "prostitutes."

The footage kicks in just as the woman, branded "Karen," remarks "prostitute stuff."

In the conversation with the three women, the microphone records her saying: "Y'know what you're going to put this on the internet or some s***, and someone is going to be stalking you. No you're doing these little sexy things. You weren't standing there. This is a family beach."

The girls attempt to defend themselves, as they clap back: "We look like prostitutes? Everyone else is wearing swimsuits on the beach. I was taking a picture of them standing there."

The older woman asks the beachgoers where they're from, as they snap "none of your business," and she walks away.


Reply to @kiffthecoyote The worst part is we thought she was coming up to tell us we looked cute or something😂definitely took us by surprise

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Wright shared the clip online on Monday, and captioned it: "PSA apparently taking pictures on the beach w your fam makes you prostitutes."

She added the hashtag "Florida hype," and shared the same video the next day without music, so her followers could hear the exchange more clearly.

"The worst part is we thought she was coming up to tell us we looked cute or something definitely took us by surprise," Wright added.

Both videos amassed hundreds of thousands of views, as Wright also uploaded the photo they were taking when the woman walked over.

It shows the two women wearing bikinis, with one in an all-black high-waisted number, while the other woman wore green bottoms with a black bikini top.

Wright explained: "I'm up here because my sister and cousin didn't want their faces in, but this was the picture. That's why her hand is up, because she was like go away. So yeah, that's literally the picture."

She uploaded a further video responding to comments, saying: "Just want to say to everyone who saw our video the support and kind words are SO appreciated. Thank you everyone!!"

Wright added: "It's nice to be validated. We are enjoying our family vacation."

The shocking video has amassed numerous comments, as people questioned the older woman's motive.

Laura thought: "I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You should be able to enjoy the beach. Nothing wrong with what you are wearing."

"Karen's just mad her day had come and gone," Jay thought.

Aylandgirl raged: "You don't owe Karens any explanations."

Jessicakloecker asked: "Please how did you not scream at her my blood would be boiling."

Ty Ganske pointed out: "She says someone is going to stalk you as she walks up and asks you where you are from."

While Dr. Courtney Lynn wrote: "Wow Karen. Calm down. That's so wrong."

Newsweek reached out to Wright for a comment.

Stock image of women at the beach
Stock image of women at the beach. A woman captured on camera another beach goer telling her and her family they looked like "prostitutes." LightFieldStudios/Getty Images