Woman Claims She Didn't Know to Clean Dryer Lint Trap, Sparks Conversation

A woman, who claimed she didn't know to clean her dryer lint trap, discovered it completely full after her neighbor came over to help her with her dryer troubles, igniting a discussion about cleaning lint filters.

"The fact people don't know how to clean a dryer filter is concerning," a viewer pointed out.

Around 13,820 fires are caused each year by dryers, according to Consumer Reports, and 27 percent of those are caused by dryer lint specifically. The lint trap is a filter separating the dryer from the exhaust vent that catches most of the lint produced when clothing is drying. According to Wise Geek, beyond reducing fire hazards, you should clean out a lint trap because it makes the dryer run more efficiently.

The viral TikTok, captioned, "#lol #dryer #omg #wtf #lmao #viral #foryou #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #foryourpage," has been viewed three million times since it was shared on February 2.

The 19-second clip posted by @mikebritt3604, or Britney Carter, started with the TikToker, the woman's neighbor, filming while holding the cover of the lint trap with one hand while a woman held the other side.

The words also appeared on the screen: "My neighbor said her dryer not working."

The lint trap opened, revealing it was completely full of lint. "Oh my God," Jillian, the woman whose dryer it is, said.

"Jillian," the other neighbor said while turning to face her while holding the lint trap full of lint.

"Nobody told me..." Jillian reasoned, and her neighbor said, "She's trying to burn down all these apartments."

The TikToker started lifting up the lint encased inside, saying, "Oh. My. God." Lint and dust particles could be seen in the air as the inches-thick, compacted lint was pulled out.

He grabbed the huge pile of lint, holding it with one hand. "That is ridiculous," Jillian said. "I'm like, I knew I smelled something. No wonder my dryer hasn't been working."

Over 277,000 people liked the video, and over two thousand comments came rolling in over the content, which sparked a conversation about lint traps.

Some people commented on all the dust in the air. "This vid made me sneeze seeing all that dust," a TikToker revealed.

Others brought up the woman's comment about smelling something. "Yes girl, that is called a fire," a viewer added.

One TikToker admitted they clean out the lint filter before every load, wondering, "Do a lot of people not do this?"

Some brought up the dangers associated with not cleaning out the filter properly. "That is so dangerous and could've burnt their house down," a TikToker added.

A TikToker brought up the efficiency of the dryer with that much lint. "You know their clothes weren't drying properly with all that in there," they said.

Some people had jokes about the situation. "You can tell the age by the layers just like rings in a tree," a viewer added.

One person calls the situation "scary," questioning, "What, you never properly operated a dryer before?"

Newsweek reached out to @mikebritt3604 for comment but did not hear back in time for pubication.

Lint trap
A clip of a woman claiming she didn't know to clean the dryer lint trap has sparked a conversation online about it. Here, a dryer lint trap on a yellow background. KEVIN BRINE/GETTY