Woman Confronting 'Unstable' Neighbor Over 'Noise' Sparks Concern

An angry downstairs neighbor yelled at a woman for being too noisy in a now-viral TikTok video and viewers are calling him "unstable."

Hannah, or @hannahzucchinio, uploaded the video on April 17 where it received 2.1 million views and 8,200 comments, many from viewers telling her to call the police and reminding her that she has the right to make a normal amount of noise in her residence.

While tenants do have the right to undisturbed use and enjoyment of the property including excessive noise. However, there is a difference between excessive noise and a normal amount of noise in an apartment.

While the noise limit varies depending on the state or city, many areas use decibels to measure noise limits. For residential apartments, the average noise level is about 55 to 60 decibels or normal conversation.

Man complained about upstairs noise
A woman filmed an encounter with her angry neighbor after he complained she was making too much noise upstairs. Many commenters said the neighbor seemed "unhinged" and were worried for the TikToker's safety. AntonioGuillem/iStock

Excessive noise in many areas is considered louder than 70 decibels—the sound of a washing machine—during the day and 60 decibels at night.

"Pls identify my downstairs neighbor, was watching netflix & he banged on his ceiling," the caption of the TikTok read.

In the video Hannah films her neighbor walking up to her and berating her about making too much noise.

"You are stomping around up there the last two hours," he said.

"I am not stomping around," Hannah replied in a soft voice. "I literally just got out of the shower. I am not stomping around and I don't know why this keeps happening."

She explained to the man that she was watching Netflix as she was getting dressed and heard him banging on his ceiling. He replied that he banged because "it doesn't stop."

He told Hannah that he hears her walking around, putting stuff away and dropping items in her apartment.

"If you want to come up and look at my apartment," she started saying to the neighbor before he interrupted her.

He told Hannah that he doesn't want to look at her apartment but he wants her to "stop moving around up there."

"It's so f**king loud I can't sleep," he said to Hannah.

As Hannah replied, the man shouted at her to "shut up" before slamming the door in her face and yelling a few more expletives.

In another TikTok, Hannah explained that she's lived in her apartment for almost a year and her neighbor just recently moved in.

"I've never gotten a complaint from previous residents before, I started getting noise complaints," Hannah said. "I told the management office on him and they're moving him either upstairs or to a different unit."

She also said that after he yelled at her she decided to just quietly walk away and go back to her apartment to contact her management office.

More than 8,200 users commented on Hannah's video, with the majority of them calling out her neighbor for being "entitled" and saying they feared for Hannah's safety.

"You're allowed to walk around in your apartment no matter what time it is," one user commented. "He can go buy a single house if he can't handle being connected to others."

"Nah bro is not stable call the police," another comment read.

"Call the police. Now, for your safety and others," one commenter wrote, receiving 44,200 likes.

"Don't open the door for him. He seems unstable," another wrote.

"As soon as he started SCREAMING and SLAMMING something, I got concerned for your safety," another user commented.

Newsweek reached out to Hannah for comment.

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