Woman Confronts Greg Abbott, Other Politicians About Abortion Ban in Viral Video

A woman in Texas is going viral after her tweet calling out Texas Governor Greg Abbott caught the attention of other politicians. Her viral TikTok recounting the incident now has over 255,000 views and 1,496 comments.

Olivia Julianna, an 18-year-old from Texas, caught the public's attention Wednesday after she tweeted "if only Greg Abbott spent as much time regulating the energy grid as he does regulating my uterus."

Her tweet came shortly after the Supreme Court allowed Texas to move forward with its abortion ban. The tweet quickly garnered thousands of likes and replies. One comment that caught Julianna's attention came from Samuel Williams, a man running for congress in Texas with over 52,200 followers on Twitter.

"Here we go again an uniformed [sic] liberal that would murder a child," read Williams' reply to the tweet. "Blaming Greg Abbott for something he has no control over. She doesn't seem to understand that the power grid is owned and operated by private companies."

Only nine minutes later, Julianna replied back to Williams noting that Abbott appoints members to the Public utility commission and that he needed to do his research.

"Samuel I find it funny you want to run for a #txlege seat but you aren't informed enough about the energy crisis to know that the Public utility commission that oversees ERCOT has a board that's appointed by @GovAbbott worry about your research, not about my uterus," read Julianna's reply.

Julianna's 2:25 a.m. reply was met with some negativity from the public, but she saw an overwhelmingly positive response from people.

"Olivia Juliana should run for Texas's 16th CD," wrote one user on Twitter.

"Oof. That burn was impeccable Olivia," another one tweeted.

In Julianna's TikTok video she recounts the entire incident. She starts the video first by pointing out that Williams' Twitter bio reads "2022 run for TX 16CD," or Texas' 16th congressional district.

"Yesterday after I had found out my bodily anatomy had been taken away from me in the state of Texas I tweeted this," she said in the TikTok with a screenshot of the tweet behind her.

"If you don't know, the energy grid here in Texas is a real issue that's why we had those power outages back in February," Julianna explained in her TikTok. "Well, Samuel Williams, who has about 55,000 followers on Twitter and is running for a legitimate congressional seat, decided that he didn't like what I tweeted. So he quote tweeted me."

She continues to show Williams' reply behind her in the video. "So naturally I had to respond," she joked.

"Privately owned grid?! What about a privately owned UTERUS?!!?" writes a user in a comment that has over 3,400 likes. Others seemed to joke about Williams' misspelling of the word "uninformed" in his tweet.

"On behalf of el paso, we do not claim him," joked another user on Twitter.

Williams did not reply to Julianna's response and the majority of responses to his tweet seem to disagree with him.

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A Texas woman caught the attention of a politician after she tweeted about Governor Greg Abbott and the recent abortion ban. Her response to the politician's quote tweet has been viewed over 255,000 times. CrackerClips/Getty Images