Woman Discovers Very Creepy Old Photo in a Hidden Room at Her Home

A woman recently discovered a hidden room in her house, but it's the creepy photograph she found within that has really been shocking the internet.

Kam Mee, known online as Kammee0508, first posted the discovery of the room to TikTok on January 26, explaining: "So this is when my husband and I found a room inside of our house.

"You can see there are so many different layers of wallpaper. We also found a couple of pictures and an old ASB card. The ASB card is for some school that no longer exists."

The clip, which has been seen 2.9 million times, shows the demolished wall, leading into a dark windowless room inside the property.

However, it was in a later video, posted on January 28, where she showcased the unusual photograph.

The black and white image shows a little boy sitting in a toy car in front of a garage, but rather disturbingly there is a headless man standing behind him in a white jacket.

Yep, the eerie shot shows the man with his arms hanging casually by his side, but his head is invisible amongst the black background.

Mee captioned the clip, writing: "Picture found in the wall! #creepyhouse #Remodel #Oldhouse #homeimprovement."

The footage has since been viewed by more than 173,300 people, and has nearly 10,000 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts and theories on the creepy discovery.

One TikTok user, Giselle, wrote: "Oh hell no that's so scary."

Another person, Keegan Cranston-Stuc, theorized: "Maybe the person moved their head as the picture was being taken and it didn't develop along with the rest of the picture."

Cait796 added: "It definitely is exposure! That's awesome they probably put it there thinking it would scare someone someday."

MakeLoveNotBabies typed: "We were taught how to do this in my high school photo class..."

Love commented: "Oh I remember watching a documentary, when you took someone's picture and their head is gone that person will die in a few days. Its like a warning."

A social media user called Tik Toker warned: "Sis be careful remodeling the house. Ghosts always come out when you remodel because they think the house is theirs."

However, one person drew attention to some mark-making above the man's shoulders, claiming: "you can see the marks where its been colored in."

Another, Guantanamo_, reaffirmed this, writing: "They colored the head black."

Newsweek have contacted Kam Mee for comment.

Old photographs in a book
A stock image of some old photographs in a book. On TikTok a woman found a very creepy photograph upon discovering a hidden room in her home. Getty Images