Woman Drops Food in Front of 8 Huskies and Their Reaction's Hailed 'Insane'

The moment a dog owner dropped a piece of food in front of eight Siberian Huskies has captured viral attention this week, with more than five million views.

TikTok user eight_fluffytails shares her life with eight Siberian Huskies, posting video content of their antics and everyday life.

But the pups amazed the internet this week in a video when they all sat perfectly still despite their owner dropping food on the floor.


Replying to @riaa_tortilla its very uneventful 😂 also YES MY HAND WAS CLEAN YOU HEATHENS

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that teaching your dog to "leave it" is one of the most important commands: "Imagine you've dropped a chicken bone on the ground at dinner time? Or perhaps you've spilled some medication. The last thing you want is for your dog to go running toward perceived treats and scarfing them down. Cooked bones are a choking hazard and the pills could be toxic."

In the 35-second clip, the dog owner demonstrates how her eight pups are perfectly trained to leave food as she drops spaghetti on the floor.

The video was a response to a comment that read: "Imagine dropping a piece of food on that floor?" to which the TikToker replied with the video and said: "It's very uneventful."

"That is insane," said one commenter, while another wrote: "Teaching my dogs 'wait' was the best thing I ever did."

Others were amazed at the training. One reply said: "My husky would have ate that before it touched the floor."

Another commenter wrote: "Now that is what I'm talking about! Great impulse control!"

Husky dogs and food on floor
A stock image of five Siberian husky dogs sitting together, and a picture of food spilled on the floor, inlay. The internet has hailed eight dogs' reactions to food on the floor as "insane" in a viral video. Kurt Pas/GEOLEE/Getty Images

When it comes to teaching your pup the all-important "leave it" command, the AKC has a few tips. They suggest starting by placing a treat on the floor with your hand over it and letting your dog try to get the treat. As soon as your pet stops trying, mark the moment and give them a reward—just don't use the treat on the floor.

When your dog is readily leaving the covered treat alone, you can start removing your hand and testing the same way. The goal is for your pup to ignore the uncovered treat.

Further down the line, they suggest placing your dog on a leash and trying the same exercise standing up, now using your foot to cover the food and repeating the process.

When your dog is automatically leaving the foot alone after it is dropped on the floor, you have taught impulse control and it is time to add the "leave it" cue for your dog to associate the command with the concept.

Later in the comments on the viral video, another reply said: "Drop a piece of chicken...I just wanna see," and the TikToker obliged sharing a follow-up video performing the same experiment with chicken as the dogs continued to wait.

The dog owner explained: "Dogs should have this training JUST IN CASE food is dropped/left out but it shouldn't be something they're constantly faced with. I feel the same way about trash cans being accessible and things of that nature. Give them an environment they can succeed in to save both parties the headache."

Newsweek reached out to eight_fluffytails for comment.

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