Woman Eats Preserved Food She Found in Her 1904 Cellar Including Beef Heart

A woman has performed a taste test of preserved food she found in her 1904 cellar, including "50-year-old beef heart."

Kira Wennerstrom has been busy setting up her new thrift store, as well as her new apartment, in a southwest Colorado building that dates back to 1904.

After moving in earlier this year, Wennerstrom discovered a hatch beneath the floor, leading to a cellar believed to have laid untouched for years.

In a viral TikTok clip, which amassed more than 16 million views, she went through the basement filming the tins and cans of preserved food.

Now Wennerstrom has shared an update with followers, as she shockingly tried the food, along with her dad.

In a clip shared last week, she explained: "While renovating an apartment in a building my dad purchased we uncovered this hidden cellar. We don't know if the previous tenants knew much about it, but it seemed pretty untouched for quite a while.

"It turns out the shelves were filled with canned food from the 50s to the 70s. My dad and I made a pact to try some of this food, maybe not that one, I'm not sure which of this will still be good."

A follow-up clip was jokingly captioned "going shopping out of our abandoned 1904 pantry," as she picked up various items, including "meat product," "salad dressing," "pickles," "figs," "something tasty," and "pears."

Wennerstrom and her dad sat down at a table, and she shared a clip to her TikTok account, @kira.wennerstrom, entitled "eating food from the cellar in our 1904 building." It has amassed more than one million views since being shared on Friday, and can be seen here.

They start with the peaches, as her dad takes a bite, before going "mmm, it's delicious." Wennerstrom looks less convinced and pulls a face, before they move onto a jar of unidentified orange liquid.

Her dad wretches, but it's thought he's joking as he then tries some, dipping his finger in and licking it twice.

"Smells tomatoey," Wennerstrom says, as her dad simply says: "It's good." Next up is the salad dressing, which Wennerstrom notes: "This one is salad dressing, it says always fresh."

Even her dad refuses to try the creamy sauce, saying: "No, not eating that. Smells like mayonnaise."

She shared a part two as they continued trying various jars, as Wennerstrom picks up a tin of "potted meat food product," with the lid revealing it originally cost 26c.

Wennerstrom captioned the video: "50 year old beef heart." In the clip her dad grabs a fork and takes a bite, declaring: "You could eat that." She reads the list of ingredients, saying "pork stomach, beef tripe, beef heart," as she takes a mouthful and gags, appearing to spit it out.

"That's really gross, it's like cat food," she declares, as her dad agrees. They looked at the two jars of pickles and ended up deciding not to eat them, as she explained in the comments: "Because the pickles were rusted and we weren't confident about the seal, we tossed them. Safety always comes first."

Next they open up a jar of figs from 1979, which Wennerstrom stops her dad from eating. "Those look so gross," she says, before moving onto some pears. They both try the fruit, with her dad even going in for a second helping.

The videos have been met with intrigue and revulsion, as Claire Smith declared: "Oh my god I thought ya'll were kidding about eating it."

Hellothere commented: "Just imagine the person who spent all that time putting the food in jars, they had no clue what it was destined for."

Zoki asked: "How is your stomach now?"

Bego Fourneaux commented: "The name of the game is food poisoning or puke."

Newsweek has reached out to Wennerstrom for comment.

File photo of food in jars.
File photo of food in jars. A woman decided to eat preserved food she found in the cellar of her 1904 building. MaYcaL/Getty Images