Woman Feeds Raccoon Colorful Cookies in Adorable Video

Feeding a friendly neighbourhood cat is one thing, but one woman has gone viral on TikTok for her penchant for giving cookies to a raccoon.

In footage posted to the video-sharing app on May 16 Olivia Grosso, known online as OliviaaGrosso, she has put a sprinkle-covered cookie on her open window ledge.

The half-eaten blue treat is then taken by a little racoon who is in her garden. The animal clutches it in its paws before nibbling on the item.

The video then cuts to a similar-looking pink cookie which is again slid off the ledge by the hungry animal, who no doubt cannot believe its luck.

Grosso, 20, who studies at Western University in Ontario, Canada, has captioned the heartwarming clip with the words: "just a raccoon and his cookies #fyp #raccoon."

The video has gained lots of traction online having so far been viewed more than 632,500 times and received 192,800 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, Stephen Shields wrote: "When raccoons are actually really cute lol!"

Another person, Faith, added: "Bless your heart for feeding this angel with a mask."

Izzy typed: "Raccoons are so cute like look at thissss."

Bot___4k stated: "Literally I might get a pet raccoon now."

Cody added: "Just made my day."

However, a few people took issue with the type of food Grosso was feeding the wild animal, including Rea who wrote: "Cute!! But they shouldn't eat that especially not often.

"Not trying to be a "TikTok vet" but you could try making him raccoon-safe "cookies" from outs, fruit, etc!"

To this an account called Dat Boi responded: "Hi! Raccoons literally eat trash LOL."

But in other raccoon-based news two of the cute animals dropped in on a gender reveal party recently, shocking the guests.

In the footage, posted to video sharing site TikTok on May 1 by Morgan McDonald, a couple were waiting for colored confetti to float down from a combine harvester to show them the sex of their child.

However, when the machine was turned on a pair of raccoons fell from the header, one after the other, splatting onto the gravel.

The animals were clearly a surprised as the guests, and one can be seen running straight through a partygoers legs to escape the scene.

The clip has been viewed more than two million times and received 57,000 likes.

McDonald captioned the video: "Gender reveal gone wrong."

Newsweek have contacted Olivia Grosso for comment.

A raccoon leaning on a ledge
A stock image of a raccoon. In the viral video a similar-looking animal is enjoying cookies given to him by a woman in Canada. Getty Images