Woman Finds Bones Buried in the Yard of Her 1903 Home, Creates 'Death Garden'

A woman has revealed she found bones buried in the backyard of her house built in 1903—located right next to a cemetery.

The homeowner, called urmakingmegayer on TikTok, has been sharing renovation videos of the house she bought with her partner.

She revealed it was the second-oldest building in the street, which she described as a homestead, although she didn't reveal the location.

The woman has uploaded numerous clips of their "dream house," as they slowly renovate it, saying the plan is to: "Update our historic house while honoring its original beauty."

But alongside adorable transformation videos, progress on the revamp seemed to take a sinister turn after they found bones in their backyard.

In a series of video, she's been documenting the chilling discovery, as she revealed: "My girlfriend and I just purchased our very first home. Our home was built in 1903. It is the second oldest home in our neighborhood. Our backyard shares a space with a cemetery and we even have some old misprinted gravestones in our garden."

She added they were only the fifth owners of the property, as she shared her fears they may have stumbled across a grave.

In a video, she said: "We share our backyard with a cemetery. So we live in a home built in 1903. We were getting our garden ready for the first time. When we found a cement block. Under the block we found some shocking things. It started with a bone, which we rationalized was a dog bone."

The clip amassed more than 2.5 million views after being uploaded in April, as she promised followers a part two.

Soon after she shared a clip detailing the eerie finds, as she filmed a scorched newspaper, laces and bone.

The second video, captioned "update on the bone in my garden," went into detail about the discovery, and why they feared it was human.

She recapped: "So I just wanted to let you know what we did find underneath the stone in our yard. So when we uncovered it we actually found a newspaper which looked like it had been burned, from 1960.

"We also found some pruning shears and a bone, and then we found some shoelaces. So I started getting a little concerned. The bones were a little bigger than an animal but, we weren't sure if they were human or not. My mom sent photos to her neighbor that is a forensic scientist and she said there's a good possibility they are human. The contents of the area did seem grave-like, there were fake flowers and things inside of it. We also found four other stones."


FINALLY AN UPDATE! I’m probably happier than you guys are to hear this news 😅❤️ #bones #bonegarden #creepy #update

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After initially fearing it may be a gravesite, on Tuesday she finally shared an update with followers and confirmed it was in fact an animal bone.

She filmed a miniature garden, filled with what appears to be the bones dug up, as well as other animal skulls.

The homeowner chatted away, saying: "I can finally tell you guys that the bones in my garden belong to animals. Thank the lord. We did not stumble on an ancient burial ground, we did not stumble on a family plot, we stumbled on probably a pet cemetery which is very relieving. Also enjoy my death garden. We kind of placed it near the pet cemetery as a memorial."

Newsweek reached out to urmakingmegayer for comment.

Photo of an old dog skull.
Stock image of an old dog skull. A woman found animal bones buried in the yard of her house built in 1903, which is next to a cemetery.