Woman Finds Her Doppelganger Online and People Are Freaking Out: 'Twins'

Every human is unique, with a genetic blueprint that makes that person an individual.

However, with more than 7.9 billion people on the planet there is bound to be at least one person who looks almost identical to us.

That person is known as a doppelganger; a biologically unrelated lookalike who appears to be the double of another living person.

And finding one's doppelganger can be an out of body experience, as one woman on TikTok recently found out.

An account called Yallitstay posted a video on August 13 that began with a clip originally shared by a woman named Fannita, whose TikTok name is Itsnitababy.

In the footage, which can be watched here, Fannita is wearing a pink hair wrap as she asks the camera: "How much y'all get paid? Answer the goddam question. How much y'all get paid."

The scene then cuts to Yallitstay looking shocked as she exclaims: "I thought you was me! Holly sh*t. Holy sh*t. You ain't me!"

The two women look so alike that it's hard to believe they aren't the same person.

They're both wearing pajama tops and have identical dual nose piercings and facial features.

The incredible footage has been viewed 22.7 million times and attracted more than 5.7 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to air their confusion at the two women's similarity, including Fannita who replied: "Lmaooooooo everyone says we look like twins."

Another person, Sofiadreams, wrote: "Girl I'm confused that is you???"

A TikTok user called Joshbigjosh added: "I really thought she stitched her own video," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Uhlyssaaaaaa stated: ""You ain't me" [laughing-face emoji] [laughing-face emoji] [laughing-face emoji] nah friend that's your doppelgänger right there."

Ariel Hyla exclaimed: "No way you two aren't the same person."

D1_basketball admitted: "I was like why she duetting herself until you said something."

Lonlyinteractwithhotmen asked: "Now how y'all got the exact same piercings?"

Syerapitt commented: This is the second time I've seen someone stitch their doppleganger [skull emoji] where is mine?"

Sem revealed: "Why did I think this was a transition for a second?"

Nakia remarked: "Nah y'all the same quit playing."

Another video recently went viral on TikTok that showed the moment a baby realized her father is an identical twin.

The clip, which was posted on August 19 shows the baby, whose name is Ariah, sitting in a child seat and looking back and forth from her father to her uncle in disbelief.

A file photo of twins. One TikTok user was shocked when she found her a doppelganger on the app, and the internet can't believe the two are not related. iStock