Mom Gives Birth to 'Biggest Baby' and People Joke He Should Join the NBA

A mother has left the internet in shock after revealing how much her son weighed when he was born.

When TikTok user tawnee117 posted a video asking viewers to share their stories of having "the biggest baby," she could hardly have expected the response.

Erika Silence Weber responded to the video using the app's clip feature, detailing how huge her son was.

The video begins with tawnee117, who is wearing a grey T-shirt, talking into the camera: "I wanna see who has the biggest baby, whoever sees this video tell me the weight of your biggest baby."

The footage then cuts to Weber, speaking in front of photograph in which a medical professional is partially obscured.

The mom, who is wearing a royal blue top and has her hair tied back, then says: "So everyone keeps tagging me in this and telling me I should do this.

"At 37 weeks I went in for an ultrasound and my son was weighing in at 9lb 15oz so we scheduled for a C-section.

"I ended up being put into labor the day before C-section and I still went with a C-section because the doctor highly advised that, and..."

She then moves aside so the full image behind can be viewed, which shows a very large baby crying as he is held aloft by a nurse.

She explains: "I had a baby that was 12lbs 6oz and he came out of the hospital wearing three-month clothing, size one diapers and now he's six months old and wearing 18-month clothing."

The average size of a newborn baby is 7.5 lbs, so this is much heavier than is typical.

The video, which was posted on April 17, has since been viewed over 8.3 million times, and received more than 1.8 million likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their surprise at the child's size.

One TikTok user, Aston GS, wrote: "Girl u has a whole toddler. He is adorable."

Another person, Chris Vasquez, added: "He's boutta be like 6'7, whole center in the NBA."

Account holder y0.Merceidyes typed: "He came out 3 years old."

Valerie joked: "tell him to start paying bills."

However, this birth may have been beaten in terms of shock factor by a woman who had a surprise baby while on board a Delta flight.

The unbelievable scene took place above the Pacific Ocean on a journey from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Hawaii, and was captured by TikTok user Julia Hansen.

Posting footage to the social media app, Hansen says: "A baby was just born on this plane."

After the news was announced by the captain, the whole plane then begins clapping, before the new mother is assisted down the aisle in a wheelchair as the infant can be heard crying.

The clip has now been viewed 15.8 million times, and many wondered why the heavily pregnant woman had been allowed to board the flight in the first place.

To answer this question Hansen made a follow-up video, explaining: "She had no idea she was pregnant, she actually had no idea."

A pregnant woman nursing bump
A stock image of a pregnant woman cradling her bump while looking concerned. In the TikTok video a mom shared that she gave birth to a very heavy baby boy. Getty Images

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