Woman's 'Horrifying' Gym Workout Leaves People Asking Where Her Organs Are

A gym-goer has showed off an exercise move which has been branded "horrifying" and "scary," as people questioned where her organs are.

Noelle Leyva shared a clip to TikTok, where she demonstrated the technique, known as stomach vacuuming, to her two male friends.

"Ok so I'm going to show you guys something. Let me know what you guys think," she says, setting up the camera in the gym.

Dressed in work-out gear showing off her midriff, Leyva, from L.A., sucks her stomach in so far her ribs are clearly visible.

Her stomach appears concave as it reduced to a fraction of its size, seeing her two friends react with shock and amazement.

There are echoes of "what, whoa, gnarly, no," and there were high-fives all round.

One of them even pokes her belly button, seeing just how far her stomach receded.

Her clip has since gone viral after being uploaded on Tuesday, amassing more than 12 million views.

Leyva, a fitness model, also shared the clip to her Instagram, asking: "Can u do this?"

She told Newsweek: "I've always been able to do it very easily ever since I was young. Most people are always surprised when they see me do it."

People's reactions have mirrored the witnesses, with Jordan Kuhlmann exclaiming: "Where did her organs go?"

Keem_Kong queried: "So you just walking around with no lungs?"

While IOHA thought: "I think that she doesn't have a liver."

"That's lowkey kinda scary," Bek-Rahmonov reckoned.

TikToker Learning Video commented: "That's horrifying and awesome at the same time."

"That's actually insane," Kian D. Umpy wrote.

And Alex Drachnik asked: "What deal did you make with the devil."

TENA, the makers of several healthcare products, explained more about the move, noting it's definitely an attention-grabber.

"So, about the Stomach Vacuum. The name may turn heads, but, you might too after perfecting this exercise," they said.

It wrote on its website: "The stomach vacuum is a weightless exercise you can perform to improve the strength of your core, and your pelvic floor. The vacuum works the transverse abdominis, the layer of muscle behind that six-pack you're hiding.

"As you build this muscle, you'll be gaining more postural support. In addition, your newly added strength will assist in 'pulling in' your internal organs and giving you a slimmer waistline and more abdominal control."

They added it has other benefits too, continuing: "The Stomach Vacuum is also a pelvic floor muscle exercise (PFME), which involves the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder support and closure pressure of the urethra.

"The pelvic floor muscles, together with the muscles of the lower back and abdomen, make up the core muscles.

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