Woman With One Hand Shares Inspiring Videos of How She Carries Out Daily Tasks

TikTok is full of millions of videos—some of them are funny, others are strange, and a rare few are genuinely inspiring.

The footage posted to the social media site by Kristie Sita falls into the latter category. The 23-year-old, from Canada, lost one of her hands in a boating accident when she was just 16.

Instead of letting this get her down, the dancer users her platform to dismantle ableist views, by showing how she carries out various day-to-day tasks.

This focus on positivity, highlighting how having a disability is not a barrier, has earned the Vancouver-based TikTok creator over 538,500 followers and a whopping 6.1 million likes.

Her posts range from how she ties up certain clothing, to how she cuts up food or even deadlifts weights.

In one video she explains that while she will wear a prosthetic hand for activities such as weightlifting and gym training, she tries not to most of the time.

She said: "I get this question all the time, and here is the thing guys I don't want a prosthetic... I don't want a hand. And I know it might sound a little crazy, so just let me tell you why."

"Since my accident, I've been super confident in who I am. I know it's not the cutest or the prettiest thing in the world, but this is who I am. I find that the more I cover it up, the more I'm going to be insecure about it."


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She added: "I'm learning to be confident in who I am and what my body looks like because this is who I am."

This video, which was posted on April 20, has been viewed 66,700 times, and many have rushed to the comments section to praise her attitude.

One person, Kenny Bradley82, wrote: "You are beautiful inside and out. You have an amazing confidence. Keep it up. Stay awesome."


Scale of 1-10 how anxious does this make you? 👀 #amputee #amputation #prosthetic #fyp

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Another TikTok user, Frank Baltzer Junior, added: "You're beautiful girl. Stay strong. God bless you."

Cole Boston commented: "You are my hero! Super motivation keep being you girl."

And Patrick Estep typed: "I think you are great the way you are and love your attitude about it."

In a 2019 interview with The Sun, Sita explained that she lost her arm when an inflatable got tangled around her wrist while she was on a boat, and she was jerked backwards.

She said: "I kept thinking it was a nightmare. It couldn't be real. In five seconds my life had changed forever."

Newsweek has contacted Sita for comment.

woman prosthetic arm
A stock image of a woman with a prosthetic hand holding a coffee cup. On TikTok, a Canadian dancer has been inspiring many with her videos on how she performs day-to-day tasks with one hand. Getty Images