Woman Praised for 'Embarrassing' In-Laws Over Argument at Family Wedding

Commenters praised a woman for "making a scene" at her brother-in-law's wedding after she was told she could not sit at the family table but instead with the other guests.

The Original Poster (OP), known as u/Simple_Judy3409, posted about the situation in Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received more than 7,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments. The post can be found here.

In-Law Relationships

Research shows that toxic in-laws often have a tough time respecting boundaries and are inconsistent with their moods, causing added stress for some individuals.

A recent study published in the Evolutionary Psychological Science journal found that both men and women experienced more conflict with their in-laws than with their biological parents, with nearly half of respondents saying they experienced more conflict with their mothers-in-law than their biological mothers.

Woman praised for causing fight at wedding
Here, a stock image of a married couple cutting a wedding cake. Commenters criticized a Redditor's husband for not sitting with her at his brother's wedding and requesting she sit with the other guests. Image Source/iStock

Mothers also reported experiencing more conflict with their daughters-in-law than with their biological daughters. Most conflicts between individuals and their in-laws revolved around finances and child care, according to the study.


In the post titled "AITA for leaving my husband's brother's wedding after I got told to sit with 'formal guests?'" the 26-year-old woman said she and her husband, 32, got married about six months ago.

The OP said that since she doesn't have a strong connection with his family she doesn't often spend time with them and that at the only two events she'd ever attended she was not allowed to sit with the rest of the family.

Recently, the OP attended her brother-in-law's wedding. She said although she was nervous, she hoped the wedding would give her an opportunity to bond with her family and mother-in-law in particular.

'Completely Baffled'

The OP and her husband arrived at the wedding together and she waited while he greeted guests before the ceremony.

"After that we got invited to eat. I went to get my makeup fixed then came back and saw that both family tables were full," the post read. "My husband was sitting with his mom, dad, sisters and the other table had relatives and they were all men."

Confused, she then saw her mother-in-law motion for her to sit at a table with the other "formal guests."

"I was completely baffled at this. I politely told her that I'd like to sit with family and my husband but my husband said that there was no free spot for me," the post read. "I told him he could've saved me a chair but he said that just like me, he was just a guest and there wasn't much he could do."

Her husband "urged" her to sit at the guest table but they began arguing after she refused.

"His mom told me that I was making unnecessary scene and complaining for no good reason," the post read. "I had had it, I gathered my coat and turned to leave. I could tell that a number of guests knew about it because of how loud the argument was."

The OP said her husband followed her outside and told her to "quit acting immature" and go back inside but she said she went home.

After the wedding, her husband came home and told her that she embarrassed him and his family by making a "scene" at the wedding for "no valid reason."

"I said I wasn't going to sit by and be excluded like that," the post read. "But he said I got this wrong and that this was his brother's wedding and we all were guests and I should, as a guest, respect that."

Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law also made comments that she was "oversensitive" and had "attachment issues" because she refused to not sit with her husband.

"AITA for leaving the wedding?" the post read.

Redditor Reactions

More than 1,400 users commented on the post, many supporting the woman's decision to leave the wedding.

"NTA—they basically told you you aren't family and they have no intention of changing that," one user commented.

"I highly salute you for leaving the wedding. That is exactly what you should've done," another commented. "You would've been TA for staying. Honestly, I highly recommend getting on very effective birth control and reconsidering this entire relationship."

"F**k that, I would've left too," another commented.

"NTA, I would consider this a major snub by his family," one user commented. "You're married so you're definitely family, but even people in a long committed relationship should be considered family at this point. Your husband is the ah in this situation, he should have had your back with his family."

"Your husband is the a**hole for not saving you a seat," another user commented. "You are supposed to be his #1 priority now. The only time I would expect to not sit with my husband at a wedding is if one of us were part of the wedding party."

Newsweek reached out to u/Simple_Judy3409 for comment.

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