Woman Praised For Not Giving Stepson His Own Room: 'Stand Your Ground'

A woman has been praised and told to "stand your ground" after she refused to give her 13-year-old stepson his own room.

In a viral post shared on the U.K.-based discussion website Mumsnet, which can be seen here, user Bedroom192 explained she lives in a three-bedroom house with her toddler, 3, two stepchildren, aged 11 and 13, as well as her husband.

The number of people in the poster's home is above the U.S. 2018 average of 2.63 and that year was the first time that the average went up in more than 160 years, according to the Pew Research Center.

This could explain why the older stepson asked to have a room for himself and not share with his sibling.

stock image of a mother and son
Stock image of a mother and son. The teenager wanted to have his own room, much to the mother's dismay. Getty

The Mumsnet user said that her husband suggested the 13-year-old have his own room by making their toddler share a room with her other stepson. This provoked a strong response from her.

She said: "My response is absolutely f***ing not basically. My reasoning [is] firstly, the age gap. DS goes to sleep a lot earlier than DSC. He needs his own room for that reason alone. It would likely just mean DSC having to share during the evening anyway when they want to play their games as we can't banish DSC11 from his room so DS can sleep whilst DSC13 has his own room to himself all evening."

The Mumsnet user added: "Secondly, their room is a f***ing pigsty. It's disgusting. Always a mess, they never tidy it and I've given up trying now as it's back in the same state every time they come."

Shockingly, the Mumsnet poster added that it was only her son she felt a priority for and added: "I don't have three children. I have one."

Since the post was shared on August 14, it has attracted 158 responses with the vast majority approving of the mother's decision.

One person wrote: "Stand your ground. What does he want to do when the other DSC wants their own room? It's one of life's hard lessons, they might want their own room but guess what, you can't have everything you want and it's not possible."

Another added: "He doesn't get to decide, he's a child. Tell him that when he is able to keep his bedroom in a fit state for six months you will consider putting a partition up. Until then, no chance."

A third posted: "I would leave the bedrooms as they are. You are right, the age gap is far too big for the younger two to be sharing. All kids moan about having to share, that's life.

"However, you seem quite resentful of your stepchildren. You knew your DH had children before you got married and had a child with him. You chose to be a stepmother and a little more kindness would go a long way."

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