'I Got the Chicken': Woman Gets Stuck on Car Roof During Severe Flooding, Saves KFC Order

A woman has shared a wild tale of getting stranded in the middle of a flooded creek as she drove home, seeking refuge on her car roof while eating a bucket of KFC.

The Australian posted her incredible story to TikTok in several parts, after clips of her eating fast food in the midst of scene straight of a disaster movie went viral.

TikToker @the.blue.is.in.danger shared a video to the platform on Sunday, which amassed more than a million views.

"Rip Theresa the Car, I slept on the ground in the rain that night," she captioned it, later clarifying her car was a white 2005 Toyota Rav4.

Follow-up clips showed her munching on the chicken while listening to music, as she filmed her waterlogged car and the creek, which stretched out in every direction.

"This is bad, this is, very very bad. How can I live, laugh, love in these conditions," she says.

The driver, from south Australia, explained she was attending a friend's birthday party six hours away, when she got caught up in the bad weather.

In a story time video, she said: "I knew there was rain coming, but I don't think any of us realized quite how much it was going to rain. Because it doesn't rain here very often."

Explaining it rained across her entire state, and she was stuck where she was, she confirmed: "So when I could finally come home I was on the warpath."


Rip Theresa the Car 🥲 I slept on the ground in the rain that night #australia #flood #cars #outback #fyp

♬ original sound - the.blue.is.in.danger

On the drive home, at the last town before getting to the dirt tracks, she checked the roads, and her family checked roads from their end "up to the boundary."

She thought she was "good to go," but after she entered a no cell reception area, the rains returned.

"Apparently it downpoured in that area again, and they couldn't contact me to tell me," she said.

She claimed she usually checks the creeks before driving across them, and said up until the last one she'd gotten out of her car and examined each crossing.

"They're all pretty shallow, there's a hard base in them so you don't get bogged in them," she explained.

But she made the critical error of not checking this one in particular, as it "wasn't very wide," but soon realized something was wrong.

"As soon as I went into it and couldn't turn around I realized I'd made a huge mistake. Because I stopped moving forward, and started floating down the creek," she said, saying she drifted around 50 meters.

She continued: "I wound all the windows down, the bottom started filling up with water it came up ... the top of my bonnet."

Faced with the escalating situation, she took action and tried to save as many personal belongings from getting water damaged, including her bucket of KFC.

"I'm trying to get all the stuff out, and I got KFC for my family so I was like, I better get this, because I guess that's important.

"I got the chicken but I lost the chips, they got saturated," she admitted.

She shared a few clips to her TikTok account of her sat on the bonnet, eating her fast food, as she revealed she was forced to spend the night out in the open, in the dark, after her car lights went out.

Recalling when her phone dropped to ten per cent battery, she said: "So I actually got all my stuff, and slept under a tree, which did not provide that much cover by the way, in the rain, all night."

But her story has a happy ending, as she revealed her family came to get her in the morning, as they picked her up after "unbogging" their own cars after getting caught in the same bad weather.

In another follow-up video, she went back to Theresa, stranded in the open after the rains dried up, as she confessed: "I suspect in the near future I will be looking for a new car."

Commenting on the clips of her eating on the roof, Mez joked: "@KFC really out here saving lives."

Mattk pointed out: "Just think how much worse the night would have been without that bucket of deliciousness."

Josh joked: "Well at least you didn't starve."

Bogans_World wrote: "Kentucky Floating Chicken yeah I love the stuff!!!"

While Tab Elle added: "At least you were able to salvage the KFC."

Newsweek reached out to KFC and @the.blue.is.in.danger for comment.

File photo of KFC and submerged car.
File photo of KFC and submerged car. A woman recounted the wild tale of getting stranded overnight in Australia, but luckily she had KFC. satori13 / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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