Woman Trapped Upside Down on Exercise Machine Forced to Call 911 for Help

A woman's workout took a turn when she had to use her smartwatch to call 911 after she became stuck upside down on an inversion table at the gym, as seen in several viral TikTok videos.

TikTok user @cfaulds20 posted the first video on her account where it amassed more than 7 million views as it showed a police officer pulling her upright to free her from the machine.

"When you have to call 9-1-1 because you get stuck on the inversion thing at 3am at the gym...," read the text over the video.

@cfaulds20 wrote to Newsweek that while she's used the machine before, she did not know about the safety strap at the bottom.

"Every other time I've used it, it must've been attached, because the strap prevents it from going full-inversion like it did in the video," she said.

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A woman posted several videos showing her having to call 911 for help when she became trapped upside down on an inversion table at the gym. AmnajKhetsamtip/iStock

According to Healthline, inversion tables provide relief to those who experience back pain.

"Based on the concept of distraction traction, inversion therapy uses your body weight and gravity to help pull the spinal bones apart, allowing for increased space and movement between the vertebrae, which may decrease pain caused by pressure on the nerves," the article published by Healthline said.

In addition to increasing space, the table can improve flexibility and allow muscles to relax.

In her video, @cfaulds20 is seen completely upside down before a police officer comes into the frame.

"My ankles are burning," she said as she was brought to an upright position. "Just the easiest rescue ever."

Once she was flipped upright, @cfaulds20 let out a relieved sigh before the video ended.

TikTok user @cfaulds20 posted several other videos that detailed her experience.

How It Started

She said she initially set up her phone to record a video that showed her talking about how much she enjoys the inversion table while using it.

One showed the moment that she realized she was stuck. Though she tried to crunch upward, the table did not budge and she remained upside down.

@cfaulds20 said she was working out with a fellow gym-goer, who she calls out to in one of the videos, but they were in different rooms and he did not hear her calling out for help. She also said she could not call his phone because she did not have his number.

'So Embarrassing'

Another video showed the call she made using her smartwatch, asking for help.

Speaking with the operator, @cfaulds20 explained that she was stuck on the inversion table and was unable to get anyone's attention.

"This is so embarrassing," she said as she laughed. "I know as soon as they get here that someone's going to walk in the back room and is going to be able to help me out."

In a third follow-up video, @cfaulds20 said her head felt better since she was helped out of the machine and experienced a mild "fuzziness."

She said there weren't staff members present at that hour and that the gym is accessed by keycards.

Once she realized she was stuck, @cfaulds20 told Newsweek she was getting anxious but knew she had a greater chance of passing out if she started to panic.

Although the pressure continued to build in her head, @cfaulds20 said she was able to stay calm, crediting her experience as a former college goalkeeper.

How It Ended

In the comments section, she said that she was stuck for about 12 minutes, and while she can look back on the incident and laugh about what happened, it was a scary moment to have gone through.

She said she felt immense relief after she was flipped right-side up.

"It was quite the headrush, though," @cfaulds20 told Newsweek. "Taking a week off from the gym to recover, per doctor's orders."


The incident resonated with viewers who took to the comments section of the videos to share their thoughts.

"You think by now the companies that make these would have installed like an emergency release with these things," a viewer wrote.

"Your ability to stay cool under pressure is exceptional," another TikTok user wrote. "Wow. I'm glad you're OK."

"You did so well to stay so calm," one viewer wrote. "My anxiety would have sent me into full on panic. You handled that ordeal so well. I'm glad [you're] feeling OK."

While she said she hopes the video gave a laugh, @cfaulds20 also told Newsweek she wanted it to serve as a reminder that they should not get discouraged from going to the gym.

"Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and survive another day," she said.

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