Woman Uninvited From Wedding for Not Letting Sister Honeymoon in Her House

Weddings can bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in the participants, especially as the special day draws near. For one bride, her sibling's refusal to allow her to honeymoon in what was the family house were enough to kick her out of the celebratory day altogether.

A recent post on the popular Reddit page r/AmITheA*****e, a forum dedicated to sharing wild personal drama and getting feedback on how the situation was or is being handled by the poster, made some viral claims about an upcoming wedding. The anonymous user accused her sister of throwing her out of the wedding party for refusing to let her honeymoon in the Redditor's home.

According to the post submitted on the forum over the weekend, the woman known only as u/Aggravated_Sib00 on the platform shared the wild accusations against her "entitled" sibling. She claimed she initially purchased her house from her parents, who had previously owned the property and treated it as a family vacation house.

"My house used to belong to my parents. But they sold it to me in 2017," she explained at the beginning of the post. "It had been a family vacation home of sorts. Every couple years when my grandparents were alive they'd invite us kids up there for a week."

The woman claimed that in 2016, when her sister was admitted to her dream college, her family needed to sell the house in order to pay the hefty tuition bill. Coincidentally, the Redditor was also looking to purchase a home for herself at the same time.

"I'd been saving up [for a home] since I started my first job at 20," she wrote. "Turns out [my sister] didn't have any savings for college and didn't get some scholarship like she'd planned .. I asked why she didn't get student loans and [my parents] said they didn't want her ruining her credit. So their solution was to sell the lake house and use the money from that to finance her college."

The woman claimed that she bought the house from her parents and has enjoyed her time there thus far, as her partner moved in with her and she is able to work remotely from home.

According to the Redditor, upon graduation her sister got engaged in 2019 and included her in the bridal party. Once COVID-19 hit, her wedding plans were "ruined" and the date was moved to December 2021. The poster claimed that issues also came up recently when the bride-to-be expressed interest in honeymooning at the family's former lake house and her current residence.

"Issues came up recently when my [sister] asked where I was going to stay for the 2 weeks after her wedding? Puzzled I answered my house?" she wrote. "She got a sour look and said that wouldn't work, [she and her fiancé] would be there and they wanted private time.

"I asked why they'd be at my house and she said that's where they were having their honeymoon," she continued. "Two weeks alone at a lake house."

The sister claimed that their parents approved of the decision. An argument allegedly ensued, which resulted in their parents calling the Reddit user "unreasonable" and the sister kicking her out of the bridal party.

"I said I didn't want my sister and her fiancé christening their new union by f*****g in my house. They said I was being gross and selfish," she wrote. "I said no again so [my sister] threatened to remove me from the bridal party. I just shrugged and said okay."

Sister uninvited from wedding for banning honeymoon
A woman claims her sister uninvited her from her wedding and kicked her out of the bridal party for refusing to let her honeymoon in her house. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images

Reddit users responded to the wild story, upvoting it on the forum over 23,000 times since posting. Many fled to the comments to slam the bride for her selfish attitude.

"What?? No! Nope, nope. Not giving up your house for her honeymoon. What a ridiculous idea? And she didn't even ask? She just informed you. Wow. And your parents are okay with that. Wow," one reader commented. "Forget the spare keys, with how they're acting I'd change all the locks entirely," another joked.

Several users also accused the Redditor's parents of blatant favoritism of the other sibling.

"They sold the house to pay for [the sister's] college, now they're paying for [the sister's] wedding, and they expect that [sister] gets to use the house they sold for free without asking the new owners. What if they had sold the house to someone not family?" one enraged reader chimed in. "Seems to me they 'sold' it to [the original poster] with the expectation that family could still use it as the family vacation house which is just incredibly rude [in my opinion]."

"The parents and sister obviously think it's still their family vacation cabin and [the original poster] is just staying there when it's not being used. [She] needs to shut this down hard," another added.

Others reflected on what the bride-to-be was like in her youth, and hypothesized that she had always acted like a "brat."

"Entitled brats [don't] just become that way as an adult. She likely demanded a perfect sweet 16 and complained the whole time. Probably demanded a perfect graduation/college acceptance party as well," one person reflected. "I'm sure if sister decided tomorrow she actually wants the lake house for herself these people would demand [the original poster] move out and hand it over to their precious golden child for free. The entitlement of a these people," another added.

The Redditor who uploaded the post later amended the story to share that the sister allegedly was unaware that their parents had legally sold the lake house over to her and that the funds from the sale were used toward her education.

"I spoke to my sister like a few people suggested and asked her if she knew the lake house was legally MY house … She was NOT in fact aware of this. She was under the impression from our parents that they were letting me live there rent free," the user claimed.

"I corrected her and even showed her proof that they sold the house to me. And when she asked why they sold it I was honest and said it was to pay for her college tuition/lifestyle."

The Redditor noted that after their most recent conversation, it was not immediately clear whether or not she would be asked to rejoin the wedding party or where the sister would have her honeymoon.

Newsweek was unable to independently verify the Redditor's story.

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