Woman Finds Kitten Dumped in Walmart Parking Lot and Adopts Him in Heartwarming Video

A video on TikTok has depicted the touching moment a scared young cat was saved by a kind-hearted Samaritan.

The clip has been viewed 5.1 million times since it was first uploaded to the platform in late October.

The video, which kicks off with the distressing scene of a little black and white cat all alone in a vast superstore, was captioned by the uploader: "Worker told me this #kitten was dumped in the #Walmart parking lot. Kitty keeps sneaking into the Garden Center. I couldn't leave it there. #fyp."

The rescuer, believed to be a woman named Annie from Ohio, is heard to say: "Ooh, come here, honey" when the kitten notices her and emits a barely audible "meow."

The young cat, which has subsequently been named Wally, then proceeds to adorably run in several circles while playfully chasing its tail, with the uploader heard laughing and saying "get it" and "Oh sweetie."

She then adds:" I've always dreamed of this day," before the clip segues into the piebald puss being placed inside a small cardboard box.

Narrating what has happened, the kitty's owner said: "Ok, So I've found a box. Here she can clearly get out of it, but I have found a can of kitten food that I am going to pay for.

As the cat hungrily wolfs down the food in the box, the woman strokes the kitty and said: "She's very scared."


Worker told me this #kitten was dumped in the #Walmart parking lot. Kitty keeps sneaking into the Garden Center. I couldn't leave it there. #fyp

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The subsequent shot shows the young cat contentedly sitting on its rescuer's shoulder, who offers as an update: "We're purring [meaning the cat] and we're still very scared."

The final scene in the 67-second-long clip is shot from the inside of a car, with the rescued sitting inside a cat carrier purchased especially, while the two of them "are heading home."

Newsweek has contacted Annie for a comment about the short video, which has spawned scores more clips updating fans eager to learn more about the cute kitty's progress.

TikTok user Trish Potter's comment is among the most popular among the 14,900 overwhelmingly positive reactions to the video, writing: "She let you pick her up, she trusted you. Purring is like a way for being happy and love."

And fellow commentator Patricia Morales appeared to agree with this sentiment, adding: "'She's still very scared' ... ma'am can you imagine how many shoppers were trying to catch her .... SHE CHOSE YOU!! She's NOT scared [heart emoji]."

Social media platforms are packed with videos about feline pets, with one recent clip purporting to show a building complete with small balconies apparently designed specifically for cats.

Footage shared to the app on October 30, from an account called Elmerbritishblue, appears to show crescent-shaped ledges on the exterior of an apartment block.

And an odd-looking kitty has this week divided Reddit, after tens of thousands of users appeared unable to agree as to what breed the lemur lookalike was.

abandoned kitten
Stok picture shows a cute abandoned kitten outdoors Oleg Elkov/Getty Images