Woman Warned Not to Take Back Cheating Husband After 'Brutal' Affair

The internet has warned a woman not to take her cheating husband back after he left her for another woman and came back a few months later, begging to fix their marriage.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Monday, the heart-broken woman, who goes by the username TotallyUninspired, explained that in March, her husband left her and their children to be with a younger woman, but apparently has now decided home was better.

"He was very cruel to me in the months leading up to me finding out and brutal after I found out—saying she offered things that I didn't, that I was boring, that it was my fault because blah blah blah," the post read.

Since then, she said he's been constantly pushing for friendly chats and cups of tea that she hasn't agreed to, limiting their contacts to childcare arrangements.

"Today I got home from dropping the kids off to find him outside. He wants to come back. He's never stopped loving me, apparently, he was just having some kind of mental health crisis and I am the only person he can truly be himself with."

Moreover, she said he fully took responsibility for the affair and for destroying their marriage, and that the affair had only lasted for about two weeks after which he left and he could then see the other woman was completely unsuited to him.

In addition, he told her that he's having counseling sessions to try and address his issues, asking if she can give him another chance.

"I am so f***ing bewildered. I don't know what on earth to do. It felt like validation to have him admit all those things but it could never be the same relationship again. Not to mention the fact that my family all absolutely despise him now (and rightly so).

"I do still love him but I don't know if I can get past the lack of love and respect he showed me and, above all, there is the fear that it could happen again."

Most of the 351 comments on the post sided against the man. One user StroppyTop said: "I wouldn't believe a word he says. He showed you who he is with his previous behavior.

"Yes, it's validating to have him realize how wonderful you are and what a t**t [stupid person] he was, but use that to bolster your self esteem, not as a reason to take him back."

Other users shared their similar experiences. Whynow2020 commented: "I would stay strong if you can. The same thing happened to me. I allowed him back and he did it again. And again. And again. I recently threw away the pages long letters of remorse he wrote, saying exactly the same things yours is saying. He was still f***ing her when he wrote them. as pp said, he's shown you who he is and what he's capable of. You're not safe with him."

Parpophone joked: "Were his pants on fire when he said all this?" And EVHead said: "Not a chance. Don't put yourself through all that. Tell him to do one."

Another user, AtrociousCircumstance said: "He's a bulls***ter and a manipulator and you're mad to even consider it. The therapy session will be grotesque levels of his self pity and emotional blackmail."

Summersolargirl wrote: "So she binned him off and he's come back till the next one? Don't be a fool op. It's over." And SpinningTheSeedsOfLove said: "And yes, they do do it again."

SpinningTheSeedsOfLove added: "And when they do it again, they can say things like, 'we got through it once, we can again!' Like their hideously appalling character flaw is a major part of your romantic dreams about your life."

Another user, SugarAndSpiceIsNice said: "Run, run and run some more. You already know what he's capable of. He's already shown you that. Why would you even contemplate going through all that again? And it will happen again—once a cheater, always a cheater."

woman and cheating husband
A stock image shows a woman and her cheating husband in the background. The internet has warned a woman not to take back her cheating husband, who left her and her children for a younger woman. Getty Images