Woman's 'Hack' On How To Do Laundry 'For Free' Viewed More Than 3M Times

A woman went viral on TikTok after showing how she washes her laundry for free while living in an apartment building.

The video, shared to @denishaw1621's TikTok, prompted viewers to weigh in on the hack, and it sparked a conversation around the amenities that rent should cover.

"Laundry hack if you live in an apartment and you have Speed Queen washers," @denishaw1621 said at the start of her video, which generated over three million views, before she provided the demonstration.

After pressing a combination of buttons the sound of running water from the machine is heard.

"For free," @denishaw1621 said. "No card inserted, for free."

She lifted the machine's lid for good measure to show viewers the running water.

Many viewers were glad to see the video and wrote that a portion of rent should already cover the cost of doing laundry.

Rent may cover different costs, depending on the apartment.

According to a piece published by Apartment Search, water, sewer and trash services are generally included in a tenant's rent.

Rent can also go toward amenities, which may include a swimming pool, the apartment gym and access to a laundry room.

"However, you'll have to pay to wash and dry your clothes, and you'll have to bring your own laundry supplies," the piece stated.

The expenses that tenants are responsible for paying themselves often include electricity, internet and cable and any damage done to the space.

"If you fail to fix the damage before you move out, the landlord might keep all or part of your security deposit to cover the repair costs," the piece by Apartment Search stated.

The hack received mixed reviews—although it worked for some people, others did not have the same luck.

"I do this and it 100% works," a commenter claimed. "I'm already paying a thousand a month for rent I shouldn't have to pay for laundry."

"I have this exact washer model and it didn't work for me," another wrote.

The video also received varying feedback from viewers, some of whom believed the hack was a form of stealing.

"In response to those who agree that this is acceptable...it is [thievery]," a viewer wrote. "When an apartment is rented the amenities are set forth."

"But that's stealing," another commented.

Some viewers defended the hack.

"What's stealing is paying $2700 for a one bedroom apt and $2.00 for one load to wash," one person wrote. "Can only imagine what the dryers cost."

"Everybody talking about how it's stealing, but maybe if rent was affordable people wouldn't be looking for hacks like this..." another commented.

@denishaw1621 shared a follow-up video where she echoed many of the sentiments of the commenters who defended the hack.

"As much as we pay in motherf*****g rent, the s**t should be f*****g free anyway to wash and dry," she said.

Newsweek reached out to @denishaw1621 for further comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

Laundry Room
A woman's viral TikTok video showing how she washed her clothes for free in an apartment laundry room sparked a conversation about whether tenants should pay for their laundry at all. Above, a stock image of a laundry room. Torsten Asmus/iStock