Woman's In-Laws Roasted for Refusing to Accept She's Having a Baby Girl

Commenters in a popular internet forum were heated after a woman said her husband and his family were upset that she was not having a boy and even threw her a boy-themed baby shower.

The anonymous woman, known only as u/throwaway6779770, referred to the situation as a "mess" in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received nearly 15,000 votes and 3,000 comments from users telling her to leave her "misogynistic" husband and his family for not accepting their daughter.

In the post titled "AITA for walking out of the baby shower my InLaws threw for me?" the woman, 27, explained that she and her husband are expecting their first child and that this is the first grandchild on his side of the family.

"They said that if the baby's a boy then we'll give him my father InLaw's name (he's dead due to cancer). I had no problem with that," the post read.

The woman went on, claiming that before finding out the sex of the baby, her husband and his family had her attend prayers and do "rituals" which she didn't like but did to keep the peace.

In the 14th week of pregnancy, a fetus' sex can be revealed on an ultrasound. However, doctors recommend waiting until between 19 to 20 weeks for more accurate results.

Although sex predictions can sometimes be incorrect, about 99 percent of third-trimester ultrasounds yielded correct results compared to 75 percent for first-trimester ultrasounds, according to data published in the National Library of Medicine.

At the doctor's appointment, the woman and her husband were told the baby was a girl. She said her husband cried in the car and even turned his phone off to "hide from his family."

Once the family found out, the man's mom and other family members made their "frustration and disappointment" clear. The woman said this bothered her because she said her daughter "deserves to be celebrated."

The woman's in-laws "ghosted her for days" before eventually coming over to the house. The only problem was that when they were around, they referred to the baby as her "son" and began claiming the results were false.

The woman asked them to stop several times, but the family refused. She said her husband sided with them and even they didn't speak for a while.

Eventually, the woman's sister-in-law called to apologize and said she arranged a baby shower for her.

"I was so excited and happy," the post read. "But when I arrived I saw blue balloons, blue cake with Father InLaw's name/decorations around. I was so confused I had to sit down."

The woman's sister-in-law explained that the family was still hoping the results were false and that it was a boy. When the woman turned to her husband, she saw that he was agreeing with his sister.

"I lost my temper and yelled at them all calling them delusionals and telling them to stop treating my daughter like she's unwanted and act like she doesn't exist by throwing a party for 'their imaginary grandson,'" the post read. "Mother InLaw break [sic] down crying, I took my bag and walked out immediately."

The woman claimed her in-laws began yelling at her husband and said her actions "insulted the family" and his "dad's memory."

She told her husband to "wake up and see the insanity" in his family's actions but he said that he needed time to process the fact that the baby is not a boy like they "expected." He then asked the woman to "play along" and that his family will "soon get over it" but she refused and demanded he drove her home.

The man said no and called the woman an Uber before he left, fuming. She said he called about 15 times and texted her calling her emotionally unstable and that he would not go home until she "got her a**" over to apologize "for ruining everything they've done" for her.

At the end of the post, the woman said that she still has not responded to her husband because any time they talk he "pressures" her to make everything right with his family.

Nearly 3,000 users flocked to the comments section in less than six hours of the woman posting, many recommending she leave her husband and think about if she wants her daughter to be around the family.

"Unless you want your daughter raised by a bunch of misogynists, I would seriously consider getting out of there NOW. NTA," one user commented.

"So.... you already know how your daughter is going to be treated in this family," another user commented. "Time to take a nice hard look at how your life between now and when you die will be and what your daughters life will be like and make some hard decisions."

"NTA and they sound scary. The baby shower sounds like a scene from a horror film," another user wrote.

Some users also mentioned that if the woman decides to stay with her husband that they would consider her "the a**hole" for keeping her daughter in a toxic family situation.

"Love her and yourself enough to walk away. NTA for leaving the shower, but you need to leave this relationship," one user said.

Newsweek reached out to u/throwaway6779770 but did not receive comment in time for publication.

In-laws won't accept baby is a girl
A woman was shocked when she arrived to a baby shower thrown by her in-laws only to find that it was decorated for a baby boy when they knew she was expecting a girl. Jupiterimages/iStock

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