Today's 'Wordle' Word of the Day: #230 Answer and Clues To Help You Win February 4 Puzzle

The Wordle answer for February 4 is not something that is necessarily used in everyday conversation, so you might need a little help figuring it out. To that end, Newsweek has prepared the following guide with a few hints and tips.

The order of Wordle's brainteasers is entirely randomized, meaning that even Josh Wardle (the game's creator) can play along because he doesn't know which puzzle is coming up next. Given that there is no deliberate arrangement here (with options being plucked out of the 2,500-word database arbitrarily), there is also no calculated difficulty curve either.

Conventional wisdom would dictate that a game should get harder with each stage but that's not the case with Wordle, as the puzzles aren't in any planned sequence. As such, you can get difficult ones (like "Perky") followed up by something as relatively obvious as "those."

Wordle #230 is on the trickier side, in the sense that its letters aren't the easiest to guess and it's not as commonly used as some other words we've had recently. Still, it's not an archaic or particularly obscure word, so you should be able to get it with a little push in the right direction.

Before we continue, it's worth reflecting on Wordle's astronomic growth over the past few months, which has led to it being purchased by The New York Times Company for a seven-figure sum. The below graphic, from Statista, charts this sharp increase in the website's traffic since it opened to the public in October 2021.

Wordle Use Stats

Wordle #230 Tips for February 4

As always, we have included the answer to today's Wordle at the very bottom of the article, following this hints section. The clues get progressively easier, so you can decide exactly how much help you want.

  • Hint #1: Wordle #230 can be either a noun or a verb and is associated with clothing.
  • Hint #2: It has two vowels, so after you have figured those out, you don't need to waste any guesses on the other possibilities.
  • Hint #3: A good starting word for today is "Place."
  • Hint #4: The word of the day for February 4 rhymes with "Bleat" and "Fleet."
  • Hint #5: An anagram of Wordle #230 is "Plate."
  • Hint #6: Synonyms include "Fold," "Tuck" and "Crease." While those words technically mean the same thing, the one we are looking for is specifically related to dresses.

Wordle #230 Answer

The solution for Wordle #230 on February 4 is "Pleat." If you used "Place" as your starter word, then you will have begun with a lot of green and yellow tiles that hopefully made the answer quite obvious.

Wordle is currently free to play via its own dedicated webpage. There's only one puzzle a day, which refreshes every 24 hours at 7 p.m. ET, but if that's not enough you can try a few alternative word games listed here.

Wordle #230 Answer February 4
Image shows the "Wordle" answer for February 4. The solution is "Pleat". Wordle