'Wordle' #347 Answer: Hints and Clues for Solving Wednesday June 1 Puzzle

Wordle became an instant online hit in 2021. It seemed everyone was addicted to completing it.

The digital word game was created by Josh Wardle, for his partner, yet as it became so popular it was bought and is now owned by The New York Times Company.

Approximately 90 people played the digital puzzle in November 2021, but just a few weeks later that figure skyrocketed to 300,000. It is reported that today, over a million people play Wordle daily.

Wordle on a smartphone
In image of "Wordle" on a smartphone. Today's answer contains two vowels. Brandon Bell

Following Wordle's release, several other similar online puzzle games emerged, including Quordle, Squabble and Herdle.

The online puzzle game gives players six attempts to figure out a single five-letter word, while Quordle users must figure out four five-letter words in nine attempts.

The daily word game is free to access here.

Completing the puzzle can be quite difficult at times; luckily Newsweek has got a few tips and hints, so you can solve today's Wordle.

General Tips and Advice

If you're new to Wordle, we have some tips for you. First, you should pick a starting word that you believe would be a good fit.

As a rule of thumb you should also avoid certain letters such as X, Z and Q until later on, when you have a better understanding of what the answer is.

A junior client service director at Definition Agency, Matthew Robinson, claims to have had a "100 percent win record since starting to play the game in January."

When it comes to tricks to solving the online puzzle game, he told Newsweek:

"One tip that I have is to try, where possible, to cover as many vowels as possible in your first two words, as it really helps to narrow down the options and puts you in a good position to get a 3/6.

"Another tip is to always be aware of potential double letters in words (e.g., 'sweet' or 'messy') as this can trip some people up."

Wordle #347 June 1st Hints And Tips

Hint #1: Wordle 347 starts with the letter C.

Hint #2: Wordle 347 contains two vowels.

Hint #3: Be careful where you step, those wooden floorboards make a lot of noise.

Good luck solving the Wordle answer for this Wednesday, and remember to return on Thursday for another set of hints and tips.

Still having trouble solving the latest Wordle even with the hints and tricks? We've got the answer for Wordle #347 right below:

Wordle #347 Answer for June, 1st, 2022

The Wordle 347 answer for Wednesday 1st of June 2022 is "Creak."