Worker Calls Mom to McDonald's to Fight Drive-Thru Customer in Wild Video

A wild video showing the moment a Florida McDonald's drive-thru employee got into a screaming match with an upset customer has gone viral.

The video was posted to TikTok on May 30 by the employee, @itsv.diorr, who claimed the fight ended when she called her mother to the scene. The post has amassed more than 3.8 million views and over 3,000 comments, some from former fast-food employees who said the video illustrated why they left the restaurant industry.

In the video, the upset customer stands at the drive-thru window with her phone out, presumably recording the interaction. At first, the worker hides beneath the window because, as she explained in her post's comments section, she doesn't want to be filmed. However, she eventually tosses that fear aside and engages with the customer.

It's unclear what all is being said between the two women, but at one point, the customer tells the worker to "stay in a child's place." The two continue to scream at each other until a second employee shuts the drive-thru window in the customer's face.

A wild video showing the moment a drive-thru employee got into a screaming match with an upset customer has gone viral. Many former fast-food employees commented on the video explaining that these kinds of interactions are the reason they left the industry. Erik Gonzalez Garcia/istock

Undeterred, the customer continues to yell at the workers from outside.

"Nobody's scared of you, b**ch," @itsv.diorr said.

"Just throw the drink at her," someone else added from behind the camera.

In the video's text overlay, @itsv.diorr said the customer picked a fight because she'd been sitting in the drive-thru line for "too long." But the fight purportedly ended when @itsv.diorr's mother arrived.

"I called my mama up there," read the video's text overlay. "She didn't wanna bump [so] she drove off and ran the red light."

CNN previously reported that, due to labor shortages and increased drive-thru orders, drive-thru wait times have generally increased.

"A Technomic consumer survey found about 52 percent of quick-service restaurant orders were placed in drive-thrus in August 2021, compared to about 42 percent in January 2020," the outlet said, adding that the "quit rate for accommodation and food services" hit 6.6 percent in September 2021.

What's more, Axios previously said that the reason many workers have fled the restaurant industry is "customer behavior," the type of which was on display in @itsv.diorr's video.

Many commenters thought @itsv.diorr's video was hilarious and applauded her for standing her ground. Former restaurant employees, however, took the opportunity to share that the video illustrated why they left the fast-food industry.

"And they ask why I left fast food," wrote DumDum.

"This is exactly why I'm done working fast food," Quin agreed.

Pink added: "Fast food is horrible. I used the work there and it's really hard especially when you have grown people yelling at you when you are 16."

Newsweek reached out to @itsv.diorr for comment.

In February a TikTok showing the "embarrassing" moment a customer climbed barefoot through a drive-thru window went viral with over 407,000 views. And in May, a video showing the moment a woman lost her car after getting out to yell at several drive-thru employees amassed over 5 million views.