Worker's Lack of Desire to Climb Corporate Ladder Backed: 'Zero Interest'

In a viral post on social media, a worker was backed for not wanting to climb the corporate ladder.

Published on Reddit's r/antiwork forum, a user under the name u/gutsy_feedback posted a screenshot of a Twitter post from user @theikonickay that reads, "I actually don't want to climb any corporate ladders. I don't care about job titles. I don't need accolades. I just want to have an income to find my lifestyle, not be depressed, help other people, and be around good humans. Dassit."

The viral Reddit thread has over 64,000 upvotes on Reddit while also receiving over 190,000 likes on the tweet. Under the Reddit post, many users agreed with the tweet.

"Hell yes," u/ChildOf1970 began. "I was all ambitious and worked like an idiot. Then I got diagnosed with bowel cancer. That hit me in the face and made me reassess what the hell I was doing. Now it is all about living and not working."

"Yes, absolutely. I am 'unambitious.' But I would add that I want to work for something I can identify with, not for high income or 'career options'. So, in that sense I was quite ambitious in my choice of work. There's also a sweet spot of having enough income to get by and not have to worry, but not be rich. I wouldn't want to have to worry about survival paycheck to paycheck," u/A_norny_mousse pointed out.

Worker refuses to climb corporate ladder
Above, a woman attempting to find peace in a stressful job position. Posted to Reddit's r/AntiWork forum, a worker was praised for not wanting to climb the corporate ladder. fizkes/iStock / Getty Images Plus

U/sparklingdinoturd wrote, "This lady gets it. I have zero interest in climbing ladders or being a 'leader'. All I want is a fair wage that allows me to live in comfort without stressing about bills and to do my job in peace without micromanagers."

U/CAHTA92 said, "I got told I can't have a [yacht] as a cashier at a grocery store. I never said I wanted a [yacht], I just want to be able to afford my apartment and my bills for the month and have food everyday. Is that so much to ask? Are we being greedy by demanding a fair wage?"

"I want to be almost invisible to others at work, I hate awards and accolades, just pay me properly for the 'great job' you keep saying I'm doing," u/scottys209 added.

How to find a job you love

Are you looking for some advice to help you find a job you love? Indeed has some tips on finding a job that's right for you:

  • Take into consideration what you're passionate about
  • Don't think about the salary at first
  • Know what kind of environment you want to work in
  • Ask your friends and family what they think of your job ideas
  • If you're having trouble, get help from a career counselor
  • If you have companies that interest you, research their social media accounts and company values, goals and culture

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Newsweek reached out to @theikonickay for comment.